Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I guess...I grew up?

Things have been odd lately. I feel not myself? Like my previous post. People change..probably me? I grew up.

I'm single for more than a year now. I have never been single for that long. Can't remember though. Probably that long relationship I had with someone last time made me forget about a lot of things. They say love makes  you blind, I was indeed blind..

People get lonely at times, I do feel that too. But one thing good about being single don't have to worry about that special someone, worrying that he might not love you, worrying that he might be angry at you or any of his feelings. Plus, you won't worry that the feeling will fade, cause there is none.

But liking someone is a privilege, a happiness, brings miserable, sadness and hatred too. Yes. hatred.

Feelings can be complicated.
Feelings can be simple too.
It's just how you look at it.
how you feel about it.

Recently I could open up to him again.
laugh, smile, joke around? probably got open minded already? or probably i just don't want to care anymore. probably in my  mind would be. "Anything....It doesn't matter anyway"
and the fact I need to get my camera back. He just wasted 20 minutes of my free talk time talking on the phone.

One thing about getting used to things is. Once you start doing the same thing every day, it becomes a habit.

Skipping to tomorrow's schedule. We are going on a journey to take photographs. Thanks to photography which I like to say ...I KINDA SUCK AT IT. yes yes...i admit. i really do suck at photography. someone must be laughing at me right now. he must be saying : PHOTOGRAPHY IS SO EASY. yup..easy to you..NOT ME.. continue laughing.. I know you read LAUGH! haha..

Wish me luck! and hoping for a beautiful clear blue sky weather tomorrow please~~~~ Thank you!!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finally, I could breathe

It's been a CRAZY week. The stress came all at once. Terrifying. No. It's more like taking your life away from you. I don't know why but I feel like for the last 2 weeks, a lot of energy have been drained away from me. First, the food poisoning. It was awful. Second, the 2 assignments that have been killing me inside out. Third, that awful results that I never thought it would actually happen to all of us.

Anyway, it's all over. For now at least. Finals is coming in 3 weeks and I have anther assignment due - Photography. Hmm. All the best to me and all of us then?

Actually nothing special happened recently, so I guess that is the reason why I haven't been updating my blog as frequent as I do in the past. People change, I guess so do I. And I think I just changed into a person who doesn't like to blog as often as I do? Suddenly I remembered something from Merlin. Gauis asked him: what happened to the boy who first came in 2 years ago? Merlin: the boy changed, he grew up.

Speaking of growing up, it has been half a year since I became 20 years old. ( no more 1 in front..haha!><)
Yes, and I did grow up. and I came to know to that ..sometimes..reality are not what it seems. It may be perfect on the outside and pleasant to your eyes and ears, but the truth is, it never was. Lies.hatred. Betrayal. Reality is never perfect. Well, that is what I think for now.

So... Monday. hopefully I get to relax myself with the movies! Can't wait. Like I said to Michelle and Peng: I need CLOSURE! haha..don't laugh. it's the truth. I have been waiting to watch breaking dawn: part 2. Can't wait to see what the movie will be like after reading the book 2 years ago. And I don't like to miss out the ending.

I guess...that's all for now! Happy happy!^^

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1 week of Freedom

It's our mid term break and tomorrow, we will be going to Malacca. I have been looking forward to this trip for almost 2 weeks already. Finally it's here. I'm still halfway in my packing. I could do it later.

So 6 of us: Mic, Michelle, Peng, Leng, Kent and me are going to Malacca. We will be having a BBQ so we went shopping today. It's like we have been staying under the same roof, buying supplies for ourselves. What will happened if we really did? (who knows?) haha..

Yesterday, my mum came back from Beijing. She bought me and dress and a leather jacket. love her so much!!!She said she hated one thing there, which is you have to bargain to get the cheapest price. It's tiring. haha. I can imagine that! After that, we went to eat durian with my aunt near Bentong. It's an orchard but they have rabbits and geese and TURKEY. We went to eat lunch in Karak after that...(ending up eating a big Patin that costs RM117 ! OMG)

That's the good news? the bad news? I haven't even start my assignment yet. Great? Great.

Degree life is like this. busy. hectic.

and GREAT? look. I have 4 more assignments due this month. OH YEAH.

Photography....CRF....Fiction writing.....and Advertising.

Right now...I think I would just enjoy the holidays first and bother it later (after I come back from Malacca lah~). Need to remind myself to take some photos tomorrow...

Weeee~ enjoy the photos ~

Oh ya~ I graduated earlier this month! hehe

That's all for now~^^

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lost soul

Lost in the sea of people. I hate seeing myself like this. Keep staring at the wall...thinking...I need to keep myself busy, busy with things that keep my mind busy...busy from thinking of the past..Not like I want to, it just keeps appearing in my head, my dreams. I don't like it, especially when I want to get over it.

I can't concentrate on anything. Grades has been dropping. I know it's too early to say, or maybe I'm just KIASU. But, I can't accept it the way I am right now.

I need something to cheer me up, make me feel happy. Probably this Thursday would help, or maybe the Saturday's concert will do the trick. Too many things going through my mind and I don't like it.

2 more days to go. Big Bang concert. Have been waiting for months for this. Glad we queued to buy the tickets. But there will be another queuing to go through before the concert. Can't wait for it.hehe

and then...Next week will be our diploma convocation. hmm...I don't know what should I feel about it. Happy? Don't know.haha..Hope it would be smooth then.

That's all for now. Pictures? maybe not today. till then.^^

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Craziness- awesome? holidays

Today is my last day of my crazy holiday.

Yup, crazy. 2 months plus...but it seemed quite long..but not too long...and I don't feel as if it's quite short either.

So, there has been crazy things that me and my friends did during this holiday.

ONE is queuing up to buy BIG BANG tickets. Okay, it's not like we want to queue overnight but we have no choice. When it's our turn to buy them, CAT 1 and CAT 2 were already SOLD OUT.

Another, is me having my own internship.At first, I didn't really like the idea. Because, being related to someone who worked there before, it gives me stress. PLUS, the pay is not enough. What to do, my parents insisted. But anyway, I had a great time there. Learnt a bunch of stuff I didn't manage to learn in my previous internship. It was a great experience. and I mean it..

and thanks for the farewell dinner guys, it was an awesome one.^^

As an intern there, you need to do your own assignment. A video or anything. And I have this idea popping into my head at 5am. Ya. 5 o'clock in the morning when I suddenly woke up and couldn't sleep.

Here is the link if you guys haven't watch it yet:

And since I posted it one week ago, it already has 3000 views. I'm happy. But though, it could be much better. But I would like to thank my colleagues who helped me along the way..without you guys, I'm not sure if I could pull it through...

Anyway, here are some pictures I would like to share you guys with^^

So, tomorrow will be my first day of my degree, the orientation...Hope everything goes well. Well, the scholarship...I guess I have to move on.


Friday, August 3, 2012

The past

Human brain is one funny thing. Well, at night when you dream... Sometimes the past just come haunt you in it. Resulting in  waking up in hurt, confusion and agony. Well, most of the time is a messed up story of your past. But, the story that lies beneath it. You know what it meant to you.

Well, I'm that kind of person that dreams a lot. When I mean a lot, means I have more than one dreams in a night.

So the next day, I would be like dead fish. 

Anyway, someone said that someone still has feelings for me. and he did confess it to me.What can I say? What can I do?

I can't do anything.

That was the past. You, me, everyone knows it.


I'm a fan of Dog Whisperer. Yeap. coz I have a dog of my own. I mean at my home. I remember what he said. When people rescue dogs or when one of the owner passed. Dogs don't live in the past. It's the human that couldn't move on. Resulting in aggression in them. Sadness in them. Well, human have to move on. In order for the dogs to live a balance life. Because if the human themselves are not balanced, how could they lead their men's best friend into a balanced life. 

Dogs live at the moment. and I envy them for that. We could do the same. We just need to live our life with a open heart.

To you my friend, thanks for letting me know how you feel. I really do appreciate it. But it won't change anything. I know you don't expect anything from this. So do I. But I want you to know that you are a great friend to me.A nice senior since secondary school. I wish you the best in life. ^^

The past is the past. We need to let it go. So do our feelings. in order to move on.

Anyway. watched Ice Age 4 and Batman last night. Batman was a last minute decision. In the end, me and my kai kor was so tired. Went home, kena a bit from daddy. But it didn't matter lar. I apologized.Also... How often do I come home that late anyway. Minus that part during internship. That one don't count. That was work.

It's been quite some time since I blog here. It's the work. Come home everyday half dead. Sleep. 

I think I need to stop drinking tea at night. Caffeine. Gosh. Probably that explains the active brain.

It's an awesome Saturday. I hope it would be a great one. No worries. Watch Olympics. Cheer for the Malaysians. Life. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Move on

I guess this 2 words has been in my head for a long time.
Being so emo these days.must be the work stress!

Anyway...the pictures above are some photos I took from Central Market at Jalan Kasturi. It was during a workshop where each group had to do an assignment. The kuih is called Putu Bambu, a traditional Malay kuih. Fortunately, the owner of the shop allowed us to interview him and his shop was featured in our video.

I was fortunate to have all the other 5 of them in my group. At first, I was thinking, where are we going in this because they were quiet. Especially the boys. Anyway, we managed to produce the video within the time that we were given. With some mistakes in the video though.....But we were satisfied.

Here is the link of the video:

In the video, we also feature a batik shop that teach customers to do batik. It's not like the traditional designs that we see but with cute animals in it. Also, we interviewed an antique shop owner who plays a guitar. He is so cool!

One of the group went to do a feature of Federal Hotel- BTS of hotel management. It was a cool topic! I wish I had the opportunity to do that, but unfortunately, I didn't. But it's okay. Central Market was also an eye opening experience too.

Another thing to talk about today was. I registered myself for degree today. Honestly speaking, I was kinda blur the whole morning. Not sure where to go and get stuffs.

Worse, I didn't know I need to get my picture taken for the Student card.Great! I look like a dead zombie due to the lack of sleep. Worked the afternoon shift last night and only went to sleep 12am plus. Seriously, like what my friend Michelle said, we don't sleep early when we have class but we still have the energy. But since we start working, everything seems to drain us. If I'm on morning shift, I sleep around 10 something but I wake up 7.30am the next morning...and my shift only starts at 10am. If I have class 8am in the morning, I only sleep around 11 something to  midnight.

I think that is all for now! Have an awesome weekend people. I shall enjoy it at my office tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's hard to say

today it's the second day of my internship..
nice? Awesome? it's hard to say. It's just the second day.

Met some nice and funny people over there. But, haven't manage to know all of them yet. I'm slow.

Bosses asked me, well, even my dad, to come up with a new project/assignment. Well, I'm thinking on choosing the first Korean Accessories Concept Store in Malaysia, Ellui. Well, should I?

So, I'm getting this Friday off. Someone asked me out. But I chose the I'm not sure who asked who out...>< well, doesn't matter.

Working morning shift for the rest of this month. So, I will have to reach the office by 10. for the Football show they are shooting. SO, better sleep early. Luckily dad offered to drive me to work.^^ thanks dad.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I seriously...

You know..I really hate people..when you say something or ask something simple..the reply you with a whole paragraph with a bunch of facts and statistics like they know everything in the whole world. Like you're so smart. It gets annoying...and I SERIOUSLY HATE IT. That person needs to know how to keep quiet and shut up. SERIOUSLY. and I mean IT.

Okay. enough with the emo-writing-with-all-the-annoying stuff.

Went and work there for 5 days. Awesome experience. With the editing of course. But the laptop has been giving me problems. I could actually get the 2nd MV done on the last day.. But the laptop had to fail on me. From the time I get back from lunch, for 3 hours the software wont open. and I had to restart the laptop 3 times.

The boss was a nice guy. Colleagues were nice too. Maybe I'm just being too shy and my cantonese suck to the max. Coz I seldom talk to them.

I think I may consider going back to help them when I'm on holidays. Seriously. Because to me, it's a great experience to learn and improve.

It's just..a bit FAR. CHERAS. took me almost 50 mins (slow drive) each day to reach there.

But the trip was worth it. I get to learn things. And also meet GREAT PEOPLE on the way. WORTH IT

well..that's all for now.


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Life is like a box of chocolate. Sometimes..sweet....sometimes....bitter!

You know that feeling of being lost?
I started to feel that after my diploma ended few weeks ago. Went around looking for jobs, but somehow, you just got lost. You love what you are just...feel lost like you are in a maze. There is an exit, but somehow, you just can't find it.

Well, tomorrow I'm going to take a job that I'm not sure whether I'm right for the job. I'm not that good. I'm considered a beginner. I'm not sure whether it's going to work. I'm really worried. Extremely worried. Even though freelance, but I'm starting my internship (again, I know!) soon.

Listening to Big Bang songs right now. Seems like it's the only thing that sounds right.
Why am I being so EMO nowadays? I don't know. I have been laughing like crazy this afternoon during that dance training we had for the upcoming FLASH MOB! Thank you Peng for teaching!

It has been one long day. Tiring. Dancing for hours. But it felt good. but with the ache that comes after it.Not that fun. Haha

Met someone the other day. After 7 years I guess? I was only Form 1 then. and we met at a MAMAK?
Can't even remember? but after that he became my pet brother. Few days ago we started to chat again and we met on Thursday.. He was nice. I was happy. and that made my day. He really took care of me like a sister. Maybe being used to be the eldest one the whole time..I just couldn't get used to being taken care like a younger one. I'm happy to have a brother like him. ^^

Freelance. Internship. 30-hour Famine. Flash mob. What else? 

I don't know. I seriously don't. Well...we'll see how it goes. ^^

Signing out! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's midnight

Dear's midnight...and I'm supposed to be already lying on my bed trying to sleep. But since I have nothing to do tomorrow..I shall sleep a bit later

Holidays started and we the gang-not-sters hang out almost once every week. Since one of us is going to UK and another is going to Singapore soon. We are going to miss them! Anyway, we also got our last semester results last friday. All of us were satisfied. and we celebrated the whole day ^^

Pimples have been popping out like mushrooms growing in the jungle. PAIN..and IRRITATING. I was suppose to go for facial but then no one inform me that the person was on emergency leave. WENT ALL THE WAY THERE...ahemmm...and then..well..nvm.

It's damn hot nowadays. I know ppl always say that its always SUMMER all year long in Malaysia. But to me, I kinda like to think that Malaysia has four seasons. During Spring, you can see flowers on trees by the road bloooming and dropping, Summer will be like right now, hot like crazy, Autumn, a bit of rain, and sun, and wind, while Winter, of course it didn't snow but it will be raining almost everyday.

Malaysia is not always free from nature hazards you know. Heavy downpour, we even have earthquake near Sabah. But we are considered lucky already.

Seriously, I'm sleepy right now. I was just writing this post to kill time while waiting for the file I was downloading. and waiting someone to reply. Not sure whether that person will reply. But, nvm. I shall sleep first!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time flies...FAST

9 years since all of us played together, laughed together, do stupid things together.
Today I went back to my late grandmother's house in Tangkak, Johor. Empty. Nobody staying there, garden was a mess, the old rambutan tree have stopped fruiting and the young one has unripe fruits hanging over with dead leaves all over the ground. The house was left to care by my uncle. Can't blame him or anyone. All of them are growing old day by day.

9 years has passed and many things had changed. Some of us get married, some of us finished high school, some of us still studying in uni, while some of us even had kids. But some of them, they grow old. Seeing the last time we really get together was 9 years ago where most of us was filled with sadness because we had to send grandma to a peaceful place.

Sickness seems to be your closest 'friend' when you grow old, seeing my uncle and auntie being affected by different illness they have to bare and the effect on them makes me feel sad. Sad not just because I can't do anything, sad also because one day, somehow, maybe, let's hope it won't happen, it may happen to my parents.

Auntie is growing thinner and thinner everyday, but it is still heart warming to see uncle taking care of her even though he is already old himself, with his leg all swollen up due to high blood pressure and standing all day taking care of the Kopitiam.

Time, really catches on you without you even noticing it. So what I can say is, enjoy the moment, not to say do stupid things but to appreciate what that is in front of us and enjoy every moment of it. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I don't really know

Finally I'm on holiday.
Yup, it is.

I had AWESOME fun yesterday with my gang! Watch 2 movies in ONE day. It was tiring, COLD, but FUN!
We were all shivering like crazy in the cinema yesterday because the air cond was blowing like crazy. Poor Jia Leng..she wore everything short. 

So..we watched the Avengers and Dark Shadows.
when those movies start, you know what happened? Some of us start to analyse the movie. Guess the lecture on Film Studies really is effective. 

"Stop analyzing and watch! Stop analyzing! Stop analyzing!" that was what I kept telling myself. Can't help it!

OWH..i noticed the blood color in Dark Shadows is similar to the one in Sweeney Todd...
=.= kay.. SLAP ME

Both movies were not bad. But I like the part where *spoilers coming* the HULK throwing Loki like a bug or a toy or something. hahaha.. so CUTE

Currently, I'm busying with the 30-hour Famine that is coming in 2 months

But, other than that, I don't know what shall I do. I need to job. I know I need one. But I'm just not sure whether to head to the shopping mall or call up someone I used to know and ask whether I could still work there as the editor for the videos as freelance. My parents won't like neither of those.

What shall I do? I don't really know

This really is..........

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Oh Gosh..I will get scolding by my mum later in the morning..It's 3am and I'm WIDE AWAKE!

So....I finished my final paper for my Diploma in Communication 12 hours ago. It was a relief! Well, I have done another part of my life while will lead to a whole new part of my life. Degree! But before that, a 3 month break. Not sure whether to work or to do things that I like. Actually I want to film something during a holiday.
A story. Which..I have not really figure it out yet.

A few hours ago, I went Karaoke-ing with my besties! haha..It was awesome! never had so much fun since the semester started 5 months ago. and then we talked and talked about many things..and we could actually talk until the sun rises..but we were tired so we went home. and before that, I had a cup of coffee which tastes like water..haha..however, didn't expect it had a MAXIMUM effect of keeping me awake.

Others are psrobably sleeping right now...EXCEPT know what my friends like to say: FACE PROBLEM..haha..true...i really wanna sleep right now lar..but can't...

Don't know what else to say..haha

so..I guess it's just that for now...TATA

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ending point

Presented our documentary today. Titled "One of Us"

It was a great relief! The assignments for all subjects in Semester 6 is done! (except for the part that I haven't burn the DVDs yet)

Was nervous today. I was actually worried that our lecturers didn't like it. But "It was NICE!" made my day and I knew all the efforts we did was worth it and that 10 hours of looking at the screen and days of not having a proper meal ( I know it's not healthy) didn't matter at all in the end.

Thanks to Victor who helped us with the interview!
Actually thought of uploading it today. I did upload it but there is some problems!
Went home, had a headache, went to sleep and only woke up 3 something to have my lunch.

Felt like I didn't had enough sleep in days. and my pimples were all popping out! (arghhh!!!)
Right now, I still feel a bit wobbly..body aching and my head as well.. Don't feel like sleeping..Well, maybe I gotten used to sleeping late.

Exam is next week. Need to start studying soon.
and after the exam ends....Diploma in Communication ends....
and a whole new life starts after that.
What should I do for that 3 months?
Singapore is planned.
But should I get a part time job?
and where?

Still thinking..and it is a bit annoying.

Life has become uncertain to me these days.
I'm kinda lost right now.

Probably that relationship I had before really affected me as I come to noticed that it made me like a parasite to someone as I wasn't independent and I kept relying on that person most of the time. Only after that I realize I couldn't be like that anymore. I had to be independent, if not, I would not grow. Now, I'm learning and I'm growing. and..I hope it's bringing me somewhere^^

Had my birthday last week. It was a simple one with my mum. and I was happy! really. there was no cake. But mum made me happy. and that made me satisfied.

I guess that's all for now. Stay tuned for the video. I hope that I can get it up by next week. Hopefully.

Friday, April 27, 2012

one down....a few more to go I look like my baby photo? no right? but I do find my baby photo cute though..haha..

So yea..I was pretty bored today. Need some rest after I just handed in my assignment today.
Went all the way to uni even though I have no class today just to pass up assignment. Well, I had to. No choice.

One down...A FEW MORE TO GO

Moral....presentation for film studies AND the EDITING for our group's project.

and then I have to think about where to go for my degree. Well..after the talk that day by my lecturer, I decided to just stay at Taylor's. It's not bad actually..especially with the DUAL AWARD thingy..and plus..It much MUCH cheaper than the one my dad wants me to go initially. And after 'debating' it with dad..I think he gave up and just let me decide.

Going to Singapore after this semester ends. I want to have FUN. FUN means I really wanna HAVE FUN.

I don't know why I keep repeating words.
Like what my dear friend Michelle says...CAUSE...just CAUSE it needs to be repeated.

okay lar..I'm being lame. Don't know what is wrong with me.

I guess it will have to wait to see my next post. Going to be busy soon. So..that's it for today. I think. I think I don't have anything else to say already. So...have a NICE DAY/NIGHT ppl! ^^

Monday, April 9, 2012

I just hate the morning RAIN

I really hate early morning rains. It creates chaos and worsen jams that are already bad.
Today is just one of them. Woke up to the morning rain and had to go for a 8.30am class which then we cancelled ourselves after the lecturer didn't turn up after 45 minutes. Ended up having brunch in THE V with my  dear besties^^

Another thing I hate about morning rain is that my dog will not stop barking until SHE gets what she wants. My dog is like a PRINCESS..>< and she needs her morning walk EVERYDAY! If my dad didn't take her out. She will BARK like nobody business and will TRY everything she could to make my dad take her out for a walk. She would even SQUEEEEEZE her way in through the grill door. Unfortunately today it rained and as usual..she barked like crazy but dad just didn't take her out. PITY her lar..but what to do..Raining outside><

Should start my video editing soon. It's going to be a crazy month! Assignments DUE....shooting....urghh...
and I guess...I should tie up my hair like this more often! ^^

Thursday, April 5, 2012

6 April 2012

Things has not been going smoothly these days..
Even for me and my guys know and I know..

Skip the subject.

There is this new shop that opened in MidValley called Tong Pak Fu.

The desserts are similar to those of Hong Kong desserts. But they do offer some other desserts as well.. Such as Creme Brulee and variations of tea that is good for your health

Just received new assignment yesterday. Due..end of this month. I guess here is another hectic month. Shooting next week....After that editing...and I almost forgot about the Moral assignment..
I have nothing to say today. So I guess..That's it for today^^


Sunday, March 18, 2012

UP up and away!

Went to the HOT AIR BALLOON FIESTA 2012 two days ago at Putrajaya. 
It was awesome to see the balloons flying high around the sky. Woke up 5.30am in the morning to get ready so I would be in time to fetch my DEARS from her house and Taylor's. Thank goodness there was no jam to Putrajaya. Thank goodness it was the school holiday if not I would be cracking my head like a coconut!

Had fun. We reached there around 7.45am like that. Queued up but in the end the tickets were all SOLD OUT  to the 300 person in front. *sigh* It was a disappointment..but after I saw the height.. I was thinking..damn not worth it coz it wasn't that high after all><

We played archery and Peng and Jess bought the bubbles thingy and after that..Michelle..Jess and Peng bought themselves a balloon each..haha..Jess was like regretting after that saying : OMG ..I have to carry it around in the KTM later!" haha This is the consequences of nothing thinking before you act Jess

We left after that..and we went to do recce. I forgot the way to the Putrajaya we ended up driving towards Pullman hotel and on a junction, they told me they say the playground..and we ended up taking pictures there. Ok..I shall now let the pictures do the talking..

Among so many pictures..I like this the most..probably because the effect of the bubbles.

 After that...we went to the recreational park near Pullman hotel.To a man made beach..

that's all for now..^^ good night!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

You never know...

You never what is going to happen in front of your maybe..It will snow in Malaysia one day..MAYBE..but it's not like it's impossible..GLOBAL WARMING...but let's hope I won't have a chance to see it..IN MALAYSIA

I know this story may be outdated..because it happened last week..We went for a movie..THE DEVIL first horror movie in the cinema with my friends..The movie for me...was kinda scary..okay..It was scary...for me because my brain can't seem to stop that flash back of the horrible facial expression of that actress after I watched it...But the story line?  Horrible...I know they informed in the beginning that it was never filmed to the end..but you do not let a movie hanging at the climax..It will give you that "OMG!!!!!!!!!!huh???"

The rain finally stopped. random 

Anyway..I seemed to have problems sleeping at night...I don't know why..Maybe because of the afternoon nap.But without that..I feel so tired...and don't know why..last week I feel like I'm gonna faint anytime..At least today I'm not..Not sure if tomorrow stays the same..Even when i'm driving I feel like fainting..It's scary..I'm not sure if it's the sugar or pressure level...I fainted twice in my is embarrassing...another one...IT HURTS because I hit my head on a concrete floor...and the conclusion? It's scary..I would never want to faint anymore in my life...

I'm addicted to Big Bang's FANTASTIC BABY..thanks to some of my friends..I love their music video..It's creative...and their song..addictive..can't stop listening to it..HOW TO STOP? can't..MUSIC is a way of life..NO MUSIC? I rather be deaf..haha

I'm talking rubbish thank you for your time for reading this post...I'm a bit frustrated..well..I guess.that explains all this rubbish-talk-that-I-can't-stop about..


When you see the CAPS on my know how I feel....FRUSTRATED...

DAMN HELL..we worked for 8 weeks..considered 2 months? DOUBLE CHECK? long as you pay us...not 1 month..but for that 8 weeks...that's all...

Monday, February 27, 2012

By My Side

Listening to BY MY SIDE by DAVID CHOI while writing this. Couldn't figure a title for the blog so I just took the song name. I love that song. and that music video... Not because Wong Fu Productions did it. I just love the concept. ^^

Anyway. Had an awesome time with my dears today. We watched movie together (THIS MEANS WAR). It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole movie. It was good. At least before we stress for our assignments.
After that dear JESSECA has to go for an exam so left the 5 of us to wonder around.
Not wonder around lah... We went to have pancakes ..and it was actually tasty. For 5 person to share, RM 10.40 is quite reasonable. We couldn't finish the whole plate by ourselves anyway ^^

We went to find John at the Gardens after that and he promoted us the products of the company he was working in. NOT BAD (I think)

I'm tired. My eyes are closing soon. And maybe I'm just forcing myself to write this blog. So that I could be awake a few minutes longer so that I can enjoy the life. I know I'm crapping already. So...YEA... 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

25/2/2012 going to 26/2/2012

Just felt like writing a blog today. I'm not a fan of milk...but since I started going to gym...I felt like drinking milk again. Ya..I drink when I'm in the mood. Don't know what is wrong with my appetite nowadays...I just feel like eating every now and then. NO.. I'm not pregnant..If that is running through your mind right now..It's ridiculous..
And my mood's like sunny for a while and then suddenly the thunderstorms came and it's raining all over my head... Like the weather. 

I'm actually supposed to be doing something but yet I'm slacking. Apparently, I wanted to discuss something with someone but that person went offline..So..I guess it's time for me to think about things and sleep. Haven't even do my bed yet. SO LAZY

I don't think I would be writing as often as I do like last year..Maybe because of the assignments or...I'm just doing other things. 

I wanted to say this for a long long time. I'm so so so so so lucky to have my friends with me. You know who you guys are. Thinking this is the last sem and we may not be able to see each other as often after we finish this sometimes does aches my heart. I know..May seems like far far away but time flies..and we all know it.

I'm thankful to have met you guys. I love y'all..^^

That's my post for today.
Tomorrow is Sunday. Guess I will slack through it and think of the shots of that video that I promised an old  friend that I'd do it.

 Night peeps.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can't Remember

I can't remember how long since I blogged my last post
I can't remember how hard was it to survive
I can't remember simple little things

I feel damn awful right now
Lost my SD cards....
I can't blame it on anybody and then...
I have to fork out my own money to buy new ones before we start shooting

Guess that swimsuit has to wait *sigh*

Anyway, I have started to exercise again after a 2 whole years of sitting on the couch like a lazy pig.

Once I week, I promised myself. Since it was free anyways...

Wanted to do so many things....
Like taking part in competition..but then..
couldn't find a correct idea that was good enough
Gave up...

I seemed to have been sighing most of the time these days.
Can't help it.
Can't stop it.
I feel bad.
I feel like crap.

I'm having dreams again, lately. 
I don't welcome dreams
Because in the end, I wasn't literally sleeping
Had to sleep in the afternoon because of that
Seeing myself like a zombie everyday keeps me am I suppose to get over all these problems

Thinking...and thinking.......

Have to get over it and start with the assignments lecturers gave to us....


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy CNY

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and family!

Today is the third day of CNY. I'm sorry if this post/wishes came a bit too late but I was busy with internship for the past 2 months and I have to say, I am so relieved that is all over now.

My CNY celebration this year was a bit rush. Everything came at the last minute...Clothes bought at the last minute, didn't even buy a pair of new shoes and only managed to cut my hair on CNY eve. Thanks to my friend who works in SNIPS.^^

Well, CNY this year to me was not all that perfect. My mum's car had problem...drove all the way back to Kangkar with the door lock going up and down and I had stomach ache which forced me to use the R&R's Public Toilet...NOT COOL..>< I had a thing when it comes to toilet..haha..and my getting worse...DANG..

Did I mention before I got a new Iphone.. Yaya..I know you guys know ad lar...>< but I got scolding from my DAD after I bought it..had to quarrel with him.

You know sometimes..I think the guys in my house are like kids. They could fight over everything....including the wifi. One would either change the password or bang the door and the other would just put on a sulky face and would not come down and have dinner with the relatives. I  mean this is call CHILDISH. Can't believe this is happening to my family.

Speaking of family.. There are many complicated things happening right now. Can't say what it is...but ya..when you grow older and know more stuffs. Family issue will become an issue where it is so sticky and don't know what to say...><

So.. Today I went to Tien Hou Gong. Love the CNY spirit everytime I went there. Everytime I go there, I would always go get my prediction for this year. take some pics

Here are some pics that I took at the temple...