Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Am i dreaming?

Time flies and now it's already JULY.
My semester is ending in a week! YEAH! and in AUGUST, me and my friends will be going to LANGKAWI! I can't wait. Air tickets and the hotel room are already booked! I'm so excited that I'm already thinking what to pack. Just now I even went to the mall to get my surf pants and a dress for my mom's annual dinner in JB end of AUGUST. Silly me. and I'm not even done with finals and there is one more assignment that needed to be submitted by this week.

This was a photo I took last friday. It was a last minute decision and we ended up in Genting Highland. We started off as strangers who just wanted to chat, and then we became friends. And I remember the first time we met at Upstairs Cafe and we had Red Velvet Cake. was nice like you said ^^ and things just went better after that...and last week, after that whole trip, I wonder if i was dreaming? if all of these are really happening at all? There are many questions in both of our heads, trying to figure it out together. I guess only time can only help us? But I don't wanna forget all the great time we spent together. I never felt so happy before. I don't know why. It's weird.

I guess this ends here for now. Wish me luck for my finals! and LOL video competition?? haha..big competition among the universities ><

Oh wells.