Friday, April 27, 2012

one down....a few more to go I look like my baby photo? no right? but I do find my baby photo cute though..haha..

So yea..I was pretty bored today. Need some rest after I just handed in my assignment today.
Went all the way to uni even though I have no class today just to pass up assignment. Well, I had to. No choice.

One down...A FEW MORE TO GO

Moral....presentation for film studies AND the EDITING for our group's project.

and then I have to think about where to go for my degree. Well..after the talk that day by my lecturer, I decided to just stay at Taylor's. It's not bad actually..especially with the DUAL AWARD thingy..and plus..It much MUCH cheaper than the one my dad wants me to go initially. And after 'debating' it with dad..I think he gave up and just let me decide.

Going to Singapore after this semester ends. I want to have FUN. FUN means I really wanna HAVE FUN.

I don't know why I keep repeating words.
Like what my dear friend Michelle says...CAUSE...just CAUSE it needs to be repeated.

okay lar..I'm being lame. Don't know what is wrong with me.

I guess it will have to wait to see my next post. Going to be busy soon. So..that's it for today. I think. I think I don't have anything else to say already. So...have a NICE DAY/NIGHT ppl! ^^

Monday, April 9, 2012

I just hate the morning RAIN

I really hate early morning rains. It creates chaos and worsen jams that are already bad.
Today is just one of them. Woke up to the morning rain and had to go for a 8.30am class which then we cancelled ourselves after the lecturer didn't turn up after 45 minutes. Ended up having brunch in THE V with my  dear besties^^

Another thing I hate about morning rain is that my dog will not stop barking until SHE gets what she wants. My dog is like a PRINCESS..>< and she needs her morning walk EVERYDAY! If my dad didn't take her out. She will BARK like nobody business and will TRY everything she could to make my dad take her out for a walk. She would even SQUEEEEEZE her way in through the grill door. Unfortunately today it rained and as usual..she barked like crazy but dad just didn't take her out. PITY her lar..but what to do..Raining outside><

Should start my video editing soon. It's going to be a crazy month! Assignments DUE....shooting....urghh...
and I guess...I should tie up my hair like this more often! ^^

Thursday, April 5, 2012

6 April 2012

Things has not been going smoothly these days..
Even for me and my guys know and I know..

Skip the subject.

There is this new shop that opened in MidValley called Tong Pak Fu.

The desserts are similar to those of Hong Kong desserts. But they do offer some other desserts as well.. Such as Creme Brulee and variations of tea that is good for your health

Just received new assignment yesterday. Due..end of this month. I guess here is another hectic month. Shooting next week....After that editing...and I almost forgot about the Moral assignment..
I have nothing to say today. So I guess..That's it for today^^