Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ending point

Presented our documentary today. Titled "One of Us"

It was a great relief! The assignments for all subjects in Semester 6 is done! (except for the part that I haven't burn the DVDs yet)

Was nervous today. I was actually worried that our lecturers didn't like it. But "It was NICE!" made my day and I knew all the efforts we did was worth it and that 10 hours of looking at the screen and days of not having a proper meal ( I know it's not healthy) didn't matter at all in the end.

Thanks to Victor who helped us with the interview!
Actually thought of uploading it today. I did upload it but there is some problems!
Went home, had a headache, went to sleep and only woke up 3 something to have my lunch.

Felt like I didn't had enough sleep in days. and my pimples were all popping out! (arghhh!!!)
Right now, I still feel a bit wobbly..body aching and my head as well.. Don't feel like sleeping..Well, maybe I gotten used to sleeping late.

Exam is next week. Need to start studying soon.
and after the exam ends....Diploma in Communication ends....
and a whole new life starts after that.
What should I do for that 3 months?
Singapore is planned.
But should I get a part time job?
and where?

Still thinking..and it is a bit annoying.

Life has become uncertain to me these days.
I'm kinda lost right now.

Probably that relationship I had before really affected me as I come to noticed that it made me like a parasite to someone as I wasn't independent and I kept relying on that person most of the time. Only after that I realize I couldn't be like that anymore. I had to be independent, if not, I would not grow. Now, I'm learning and I'm growing. and..I hope it's bringing me somewhere^^

Had my birthday last week. It was a simple one with my mum. and I was happy! really. there was no cake. But mum made me happy. and that made me satisfied.

I guess that's all for now. Stay tuned for the video. I hope that I can get it up by next week. Hopefully.

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