Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy CNY

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and family!

Today is the third day of CNY. I'm sorry if this post/wishes came a bit too late but I was busy with internship for the past 2 months and I have to say, I am so relieved that is all over now.

My CNY celebration this year was a bit rush. Everything came at the last minute...Clothes bought at the last minute, didn't even buy a pair of new shoes and only managed to cut my hair on CNY eve. Thanks to my friend who works in SNIPS.^^

Well, CNY this year to me was not all that perfect. My mum's car had problem...drove all the way back to Kangkar with the door lock going up and down and I had stomach ache which forced me to use the R&R's Public Toilet...NOT COOL..>< I had a thing when it comes to toilet..haha..and my getting worse...DANG..

Did I mention before I got a new Iphone.. Yaya..I know you guys know ad lar...>< but I got scolding from my DAD after I bought it..had to quarrel with him.

You know sometimes..I think the guys in my house are like kids. They could fight over everything....including the wifi. One would either change the password or bang the door and the other would just put on a sulky face and would not come down and have dinner with the relatives. I  mean this is call CHILDISH. Can't believe this is happening to my family.

Speaking of family.. There are many complicated things happening right now. Can't say what it is...but ya..when you grow older and know more stuffs. Family issue will become an issue where it is so sticky and don't know what to say...><

So.. Today I went to Tien Hou Gong. Love the CNY spirit everytime I went there. Everytime I go there, I would always go get my prediction for this year. take some pics

Here are some pics that I took at the temple...

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