Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday again

Boring Monday is back here again after Sunday went for he's 6 day holiday~
Why do you have to leave!!!
Why don't you stay by our side everyday!!!
I don't want Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or even Friday~
I just want you and Saturday!!!

I know...It is useless for me screaming here..*hands on my face*

But I love you, Sunday!!
Why do you have to only come back once a week but not everyday???

*starting to cry*

Okok..stop that drama! I feel like some idiot talking to myself!! Oh wait..I am..
Sorry guys~
I am not myself today..
Probably because.....
I am bored....

I have been wasting my past hour doing something......urm....
Should I say waiting and staring at this computer while drawing some stuffs that....I am not good at??

It is so DAMN boring!!!

I have an interview later at Intellect..
I don't know what is that all about?
I think I prefer to keep myslef quiet..
I am lazy to speak up...feel so sleepy

But how can I do that!!!
I am in a communication course
communication = talk!!!!
I need to TALK!!!!

So.. I guess I will talk...Perhaps?? Maybe????


I spent a whole lot of money!!!

went to eat Korean Food at my campus again
Total = RM 14.80 (Bibimbap and green tea only><)
and then our uni has some Asian Food Carnival.
Food = Eat
But I didn't eat lah~~
I saw Etude House was doing some Promotion
5 pieces of mask for RM 12, BB cream buy 1 free 1, cleansing foam RM 10, lip gloss and eye shadow also RM 5... "clever" brain told me and persuaded
I bought!!!
5 pieces of mask and 1 eye shadow
Total = RM 17

Total for today = RM 14.80 + RM 17
                       = RM 31.80

Congratulations Renvin!! You just spend a quarter of your 2 weeks allowance!!

ok...Thats all for today!!!


I am not trying to scare you off...^^
Today is Halloween so.
Okay..I know I am being lame...

Happy Halloween ppl!!!

The past few days were a bit....messy
I have to finish that CRM assignment, which is a headache for all of us and of course, Fri was CommFest!!
It was AWESOME!!
Great job seniors!!!I love it!!!!

But that bad thing was....S***
I fell down on that day.. I know...
I posted it on Facebook and now here!!
The whole world knows now!
It hasn't heal yet..
I think is getting worse...
But I hope the pain will go away tomorrow!!!!
But matter how many times he told me not to drive
I still drive
sorry dear~

I have been quite lazy lately....
I am not that hardworking as before anymore..
There is a part inside me that tells me not to bother so much things but to live life till the simplest!!
Because..the more you think...
The more problems there will be!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tired Wednesday

Today was a cold day. It is odd to say cold in Malaysia because of our originally "SUMMER" weather.

Everything was normal as usual. I woke up by the bang at the door by my dad at 5.54 am. I hate them waking me up because I can wake up on my own! I use the alarm in my phone with music, which is a healthier way then them banging at the door. It will give me a HEART ATTACK!!!

So...I went to the bathroom to get myself cleaned..with water that is cold in a cold morning. I wished the heater had more patience...I need HOT water! day just went by like that.

Class until 10 am, I went home, online, and a pig..

will update my blog another day^^

End for now!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

In college

It's 7.30am and I am in college.. Doing what???
I am having class later at 8 am at this very place i am sitting in,
and drinking my Dutch Lady chocolate milk while getting the chills from the air-cond, NOT my favorite morning at all.

I am quite happy yesterday.
He came to college to find me. ( He drove all the way from Klang with his friends)
He said it was practice because he haven't been driving for quite a long time now. I think it is the first time in 3 years???
But I am not very happy that he left after just talking to me for 10 minutes.
Never mind, he will be here again on Friday for the CommFest..with me.. Yey!!!

Here are 3 photos of To-Fu I taken using Jia Leng's  camera..hehe..I cited it is not plagiarism.hehe

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My sunday..

Since I am done with my most of the assignments, I feel more relief.
But still, somehow, problems in life still comes. We can't run away from that huh?

There is one Korean Drama I want to share with you guys. It is called Playful Kiss or 韩版恶作剧之吻..
It is 16-episode drama of a remake version of the Taiwan's Playful Kiss 恶作剧之吻...
This movie talks about a young girl called Hani who falls in love with genius Bak Sheng Ju who is perfect in everything. Hani gave him a love letter but he returned her the love letter and gave her a D-. Hani moved into a new house with her father but an earthquake destroyed their house and their house only. Their story was all over the Tv and her father's best friend saw it and offer a place for them to stay. But little that she know that it is only the start of her disastrous but happy ending love story. You should look at her face when she found out that she saw Bak Sheng Ju face at the gate..haha

~Here are the cast~

So, if you have nothing to do. Go watch it! It is nice~

Other than that, me and my friends went for a movie last Friday and we watched Life as We Know It.
At first, I thought this movie will be very BORING. I was wrong when I saw a full house at the cinema ( because according to my experience working in the cinema, most comedy won't make it)
It was damn funny!!!I almost laugh my lung out. Even though 2 hours for me is a bit long, but I have no regrets watching it!!
You guys should watch it as well..^^ here is the video of the trailer^^

Actually, before we went to the movie, we had Taiwan food at the Asian Avenue. It was nice. Unfortunately, most of us couldn't finish the fried chicken. But it was nice~~ohhh!!!and the bubble tea..even though it tastes like teh tarik..hehe..but it was nice~

Having a group picture^^
 JS is the camera PERSON..hehe

ok!!That's all for now. I will update my blog when I am free

Oh ya~ CommFest is coming!!Can't wait for it!! Ppl in Taylors, you guys should come^^ There is so many prizes to be won (supporting my seniors ^^)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Nothing special had happened today
Went to college quite early..
So I sat at the staircase on the 4th floor of Block E
Looking at the sunrise..ALONE~
Here are the pictures

I will be having 2 presentations..One will be tomorrow and another one the day after tomorrow..
Wish me all the best^^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hot hot hot!!!!

Ya!!I guess you guys know what am I going to talk about!
These few days the temperature have been freaking HOT like I am in an oven and cooked!!

look at this TWO pictures!!! The SUN is shining directly into my window yesterday and my room is like an extra large oven cooking me like I am a barbeque's meat or something!!
Well, these few days have been "I don't know what is happening" to me..
This is because " I think" I am in a state of dreaming during the day.
I don't know what happened last few days~
I know that Taylor's had an charity drive that sold a lot of food and products from Gatzby and other facial products, HL drinks, books, and GOSH!!! the ice-cream tastes great!!and the smell of the KEBAB...nice~~~

I have quite a lot of assignment to do still and it is already week 9 into this semester.. Good luck to all of us!! I hope we can make it safely till the end!! Ga yao everyone!!

That's all for today~^^

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Lovely Monday

Do you know that feeling when someone wants to leave you?
Well, I suddenly has that feeling last night and I cried over it. 
It is just scary.
I am really scared that he will leave me.
We have been talking more lesser recently, and that was why I worried.
He is very busy, and I do understand and he gets tired at night. How to chat?
But, I saw him today.

He called me around 2 something and said he didn't know how to come in, so I told him how. 
After that, I told him I will wait at the tables with those umbrellas near the fountain.
10 minutes later, he came.
I was very happy seeing him^^
Happy..but it is for a short while only

We went to Baskin Robbins to but the waffle ice-cream.
Jack was with him so 1 for 3^^
It was already 3.20pm and he told me that they have to leave around 3.30 pm so that they won't get caught in a jam.
After finishing the waffle, I told them to better leave to their next destination.
Even though I know that I really don't want him to leave that fast, I still asked him to go.
Because, I know it is important to them.
I know..

Before they leave, I send them to the staircase that connects to the basement parking.
He gave me a kiss^^
but he have to leave........

I miss you..

Lovely Monday..
bitter sweet memories....

CommFest is coming.
it will be held in Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Date: 29 Oct (FRI)
Time: 8am till 3pm

everyone is invited but you have to get the coupons needed and the ticket.
They are a lot of things giving away so don't miss it^^
Here is the link to their blog^^

Saturday, October 9, 2010


What I did the whole day is...
watching movie...
watching movie...
and watching movie...

I also did part of my assignment..which is cutting the mounting board...
It is not that easy cutting it and measuring it...
I spoiled one piece..
Luckily I bought extra

I also drove my mum's car today..It was just only a practice..
Oh gosh..A car almost knocked me..
Maybe because I was driving too slow and that car wasn't sure whether to turn or not..that car should had seen that I wasn't stopping but the car turn still!!!!!

I avoided that car ...
and my mum scolded me...damn...

luckily nothing happened..that's all...

okok..I think that's all for today...
I will update next week again I guess..
See ya..^^

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday Morning

Finally.. I have some free time to blog after I passed up my assignment at his pigeon hole..
So here I am ..
Sitting in a freezing Starbucks at my College  University writing my blog
Listening to the classical music that was aired by the speakers at every corners of Starbucks
And Smelling the thick aroma of coffee from the counter
A great way to start a Friday morning eh??
It’s a gloomy morning
It is already 9.30 in the morning and there is no sun at all!
I guess the sky is going to “cry” later
I slept around 1am last night because of finishing my Psychology
And I think my other classmates have even a more rough night
I was woke up by my mother early in the morning just to get to college to pass up my assignment and she has to go to the hospital to do some blood test..
I have no choice but to be here early in the morning
And wait…and wait…and wait..haha
Yesterday was my dear dear cute friend Peng peng’s birthday~
And we gave her a To-Fu present..
I hope she really like it..
And also the wishes in the card we gave her..
After that,
We went to Baskin Robbins at our Lakeside Plaza.
It was their opening day and they are giving out FREE Ice- crem
It is FREE!!!
But only for the first 100 customers with the vouchers and wearing pink..
And I was 1 of them (no.30)
SO happy^^
We even get a voucher offering 15% off the next time we come for this ice-cream

And I would like to share a pic with you was a pic that i took the day I went for my driving test

I loove this picture..hehe

Saturday, October 2, 2010

When the days passed by

Many days passed by...
When you look back? They are all just memories that take up your mind space!
Sometimes when you look back and saw what stupid things you have done,
You will feel so angry, so regret that you have done those things, and you felt useless!
What can you do? What is done is already done..
All that we can do right now is open your eyes and look forward..
Even thought those past may hunt you
But you can't do anything already.
You can forget it if you want, but it still teaches you a lesson.
So let's look forward.
There is so many beautiful things ahead of us! Isn't that right?
Try to live your life till the fullest!
I guess..that is the most important!

I guess my mum also knows that we can't go back to the past..
And she wanted to take some family portraits with us and her other sisters.
When I asked why, she said, " Old already ma...I want to have some memories"
I guess what she say is right..With those white hairs on her head..
I do think that it is time to take a family portrait..
I know my dad may reject that idea, and
I bet he will say, " Not enough money."
But I don't care
I will hold on to that idea till he agrees.

18 years has passed, mum.
Ya, time flies very fast.
I also don't even remember going through my infant years and as a kid till I was 6..
Sometimes we always wished that we could go back to the past to undo something or to live the moment again.
But if you have the chance, will you??

Friday, October 1, 2010

ifeel PK challenge Heme《好脸色女孩》10强PK赛

I haven't been updating my blog recently><
I have been busy with my assignments..I had counted and I have 7 more assignments to go before I end this semester in November...

I have a friend who recently take part in a challenge by ifeel magazine..
Her name is Penny..
I wish that she could win so...I am HELPING HER
Penny: I hope you don't mind ya~

I hope those reading this could help vote for her
it is unlimited voting so vote as much as you can and I appreciate it^^
Here is the link