Thursday, May 26, 2011

awesome 3days

I just came back from a trip with someone yesterday!

The first day was a climb with friends up Broga Hill. It was tiring and difficult (kinda) because the soil was damp and slippery. I almost fall off a few times if not because Gwen and Ah Chee keep holding me to keep my balance!
Previously during New Year, we only managed to climb until the first hill top! This time, we climbed up till the second hill top. and surprisingly, there is another hill top which is higher. But we didn't climb till that high, that one is extremely steep!

Here are some of the photos we took up there!

Okay.After climbing that hill.we went back to Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh!! and we waited for hours because Ah Chee's car needed to be taken to servicing! haha. A nail kena his tayar, break went loose, and his head lights not functioning!
After all the things done, we headed to KL for a change of clothes then we headed down to Port Dickson!
Actually, we went to The Legend Water Chalet Houses because he has work purposes! But it was nice!

We went to eat dinner at Kampung Kuala Lukut. Ate Crab and other seafood. Actually, that meal can feed 4 person but there was only 2 of us there! Ate so much that I almost vomited!!!

So that was DAY 1


Okay, he decided to do the photoshoot on the next day because we reached Port Dickson a bit late the day before. So I put on some make up and a high heel and walk around with him doing the photoshoot. Here are some of the pictures!

  I look a bit fat la..I mean my face very round!!!!

After that we went to Malacca. Checked in into Budget Lodge. It is a homestay place. Quite nice!!
Then we went to eat Satay Celup!
Also, very nice and then I ate too much again!!haha
After that we went to watch POTC 4 and Dataran Pahlawan there!
haha! go to Malacca but go there watch movie!


Woke up a bit late.
I was having blocked nose the whole night and I couldn't sleep despite having the fan on No.2 and the aircond off. Ah Chee said he was sweating hot but I was covered up like I am living in the North Pole. Guess I was falling sick already!

After we checked out, we went to Jonker Street to eat some Nonya food! Ate too much again!!
we ordered
Curry Laksa
Asam Laksa
Some fried stuffs
and Durian Ice Kacang

2 person eating you know!
He was very hungry! haha

Then we headed home to KL after that and I slept like a pig when I reached home!!
Had fun. But during that 3 days, bad luck keep striking us!Don't know why?

1. Car break spoil (Mon)
2. Car almost stop because ran out of fuel while caught in a jam (Mon)
3. Cockroach in the room (Mon)
4. Dropped the laptop (Tues), not your fault dear ^^
5.  Had stomach ache (Tues)
6. No electricity suddenly when I was bathing (Wed)
7. Almost kena Saman (Wed)


Friday, May 20, 2011


Some random post..
Went to SHOWDOWN 2011 on Wednesday with Michelle, Peng and Leng! Thanks for the tickets Michelle..hope we will have another chance to watch the live show again..
But there is one thing that I don't like..It's the pushing. Come on people, if you know you want to stand in front..Then come early and line up. Don't push people who is already in front to the back.It is so unfair.Fine if the producer asks you to stand in front. But stop pushing people.
OKay..Live show is definitely better than on TV! Elecoldxhot performance was the topic of the night. One of the judges even commented that they sure will be hired by Jay Chou and one also said that they were even better than him!! Whoa..That's a big compliment!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ambition as a kid and when i grow up

Long title huh...

Everyone has an ambition when they were a kid, like: I want to be a doctor, a lawyer...etc.
Well, I did think of that, I mean which kid won't think of being a doctor or a lawyer?
Big cash...Can make daddy mummy proud...and everyone else proud too

I did think of that when I was almost going to Primary school and during my school years there.
But before that, I used to take papers out and start drawing girls with WEDDING DRESSES and told myself that I will design and make clothes that are beautiful for the bride..haha..Oh gosh! Kinda naive huh..haha

Well, it is true. When I was a kid, I always wanted to do wedding dresses. It's kinda funny when I think of it right now.. With this..uncreative brain of mine

When I grew older..I had dreams about being a teacher..psychologist...musician...well, practically almost every job most people will think of. But then I decided to study mass communication- broadcasting. Well, the main reason is I love watching movies and I hope I can be part of the production of a movie someday. No specific job in my mind right now because I ain't sure where is all this bringing me to. But 1 thing for sure, I don't mind filming and then editing those videos and enjoying watching it after long hours of cutting and adding effects. It makes me feel great!

I guess that is what I am pursuing right now..and I really don't wanna regret if I made the wrong choice. hmm..I do think this was the correct choice that I made since I chose this course. Not because of anyone..But myself.


Monday! sunny at first but raining in the end.hmm


Went out as KLCC.

There is a BEAUTY EXPO going on and I heard tomorrow is the last day! Cheap prices for products such as Ido's and many more from Taiwan, Korea, Japan and even Malaysia. So if you don't wanna miss out those great promotions, make sure head on to KLCC tomorrow (17/5)
Bought 10 masks today for RM30 from Korea Avenue. Have not tried it yet but it has many types for different skin types

More pictures

Saturday, May 14, 2011


My almost-3 months holiday started already...and it is already boring!


Great time spending time with you guys! Even though me, Penny and Jess have to cram through the KTM to reach Midvalley and going back home..
Fast and Furious 5 was awesome! If I had the choice of watching it again, I definitely WILL!!!


Took Leng to see Chinese doctor in Klang to massage her leg...and her leg got better...DOCTOR ASK HER NOT TO WALK TOO MUCH AND STAY AT HOME...did she do that?????haha..I don't know~~~~Leng: did u?


Happy. Because went to SUNWAY and got to buy CHATIME!!! I sounded like a kid begging mum to belanja me!!!and I sounded a kid here too as if I never drank BUBBLE TEA before..NAh..I was just excited in trying new desserts!! I guess I have a sweet tooth???haha
Bought 2 Pearl Milk Tea! One for my bro and One for myself!! (I am a good sister ok..even though I hate him most of the kind^^)

k..thats all for now..Don't feel like writing much today!!!^^

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chili's and McDonalds

Went to the Chili's (Empire Shopping Gallery)with my family yesterday night! My mum was right..we should have left earlier! We had to wait half an hour to get in. Well, the girl at the entrance told us we were put under a waiting list and we had to wait for 1 hour. But mum and I decided to wait there and luckily we did so we managed to get a table in half an hour!

So we sat down and ordered our meals.
I ordered something called (can't remember the name)Crispy chicken with honey and spicy sauce..
Not bad actually! It was served with french fries with sweet corn!
My mum ordered another type of crispy chicken too (but they gave the wrong dish, perhaps too busy?)
Dad ordered a Lamb Shoulder while Bro ordered southwest lamb chop? haha..I am bad with these names!

Each of us ordered a type of juice! Those are bottomless beverages, which means you can refill as many times as you want.
and my bro...
drank 6 glasses of Orange juice..=.=

The resit came and the total amount was RM 182.75

Not bad for a meal for 4 person and each with an extra big tummy leaving the restaurant
(I should starve the whole day if I want to eat here next time..haha..jk)

and should I suggest that if any of you guys want to eat there. pls phone ahead!
It's better than waiting there!

About TODAY!
Happy Mother's Day!
Went to Old Klang Road together with mum and met cousin there to buy clothes.
Then we went to eat McDonalds together! So happy !!!!
Because! I get to buy the CocaCola "can" Glass!!!
But too bad I missed out on last week's one!
I am going to start collecting  it all!!!!! Here are some pictures that I took after I came back home!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Finals OVER

Finally! I am done with my finals...even though I am 1day later than others because I have to sit for my Broadcasting Paper..
Overall: Quite Happy...but I am not sure what my results will be like. Hope it will turn out okay!

After the Finals.. I waited with Michelle until 5pm..Peng and Patricia were also there with us but later went roller skating together.haha..they sure will have lots of FUN~~haha
Michelle and I went to Starbucks for the half-price promotion on their Frappuccino..I reached there 5pm sharp but there is already a long q waiting...Today was the last day..>< I waited almost HALF an hour to get my Mocha Frappuccino.. Frappuccino is ice-blended beverage^^

 Cream on top^^ Nice

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Birthday 04052011

Today is MY Birthday..Of course my DEAR FRIEND Penny's Birthday is also today^^

This post will be fast because I need to get back with my study.

Happy Birthday to me and my friend

Thanks for all the wishes and presents....I wish everyone healthy and happy always~

Also..Thank you dear for the present. I LOVE YOU