Sunday, August 26, 2012

Craziness- awesome? holidays

Today is my last day of my crazy holiday.

Yup, crazy. 2 months plus...but it seemed quite long..but not too long...and I don't feel as if it's quite short either.

So, there has been crazy things that me and my friends did during this holiday.

ONE is queuing up to buy BIG BANG tickets. Okay, it's not like we want to queue overnight but we have no choice. When it's our turn to buy them, CAT 1 and CAT 2 were already SOLD OUT.

Another, is me having my own internship.At first, I didn't really like the idea. Because, being related to someone who worked there before, it gives me stress. PLUS, the pay is not enough. What to do, my parents insisted. But anyway, I had a great time there. Learnt a bunch of stuff I didn't manage to learn in my previous internship. It was a great experience. and I mean it..

and thanks for the farewell dinner guys, it was an awesome one.^^

As an intern there, you need to do your own assignment. A video or anything. And I have this idea popping into my head at 5am. Ya. 5 o'clock in the morning when I suddenly woke up and couldn't sleep.

Here is the link if you guys haven't watch it yet:

And since I posted it one week ago, it already has 3000 views. I'm happy. But though, it could be much better. But I would like to thank my colleagues who helped me along the way..without you guys, I'm not sure if I could pull it through...

Anyway, here are some pictures I would like to share you guys with^^

So, tomorrow will be my first day of my degree, the orientation...Hope everything goes well. Well, the scholarship...I guess I have to move on.


Friday, August 3, 2012

The past

Human brain is one funny thing. Well, at night when you dream... Sometimes the past just come haunt you in it. Resulting in  waking up in hurt, confusion and agony. Well, most of the time is a messed up story of your past. But, the story that lies beneath it. You know what it meant to you.

Well, I'm that kind of person that dreams a lot. When I mean a lot, means I have more than one dreams in a night.

So the next day, I would be like dead fish. 

Anyway, someone said that someone still has feelings for me. and he did confess it to me.What can I say? What can I do?

I can't do anything.

That was the past. You, me, everyone knows it.


I'm a fan of Dog Whisperer. Yeap. coz I have a dog of my own. I mean at my home. I remember what he said. When people rescue dogs or when one of the owner passed. Dogs don't live in the past. It's the human that couldn't move on. Resulting in aggression in them. Sadness in them. Well, human have to move on. In order for the dogs to live a balance life. Because if the human themselves are not balanced, how could they lead their men's best friend into a balanced life. 

Dogs live at the moment. and I envy them for that. We could do the same. We just need to live our life with a open heart.

To you my friend, thanks for letting me know how you feel. I really do appreciate it. But it won't change anything. I know you don't expect anything from this. So do I. But I want you to know that you are a great friend to me.A nice senior since secondary school. I wish you the best in life. ^^

The past is the past. We need to let it go. So do our feelings. in order to move on.

Anyway. watched Ice Age 4 and Batman last night. Batman was a last minute decision. In the end, me and my kai kor was so tired. Went home, kena a bit from daddy. But it didn't matter lar. I apologized.Also... How often do I come home that late anyway. Minus that part during internship. That one don't count. That was work.

It's been quite some time since I blog here. It's the work. Come home everyday half dead. Sleep. 

I think I need to stop drinking tea at night. Caffeine. Gosh. Probably that explains the active brain.

It's an awesome Saturday. I hope it would be a great one. No worries. Watch Olympics. Cheer for the Malaysians. Life.