Thursday, May 17, 2012


Oh Gosh..I will get scolding by my mum later in the morning..It's 3am and I'm WIDE AWAKE!

So....I finished my final paper for my Diploma in Communication 12 hours ago. It was a relief! Well, I have done another part of my life while will lead to a whole new part of my life. Degree! But before that, a 3 month break. Not sure whether to work or to do things that I like. Actually I want to film something during a holiday.
A story. Which..I have not really figure it out yet.

A few hours ago, I went Karaoke-ing with my besties! haha..It was awesome! never had so much fun since the semester started 5 months ago. and then we talked and talked about many things..and we could actually talk until the sun rises..but we were tired so we went home. and before that, I had a cup of coffee which tastes like water..haha..however, didn't expect it had a MAXIMUM effect of keeping me awake.

Others are psrobably sleeping right now...EXCEPT know what my friends like to say: FACE PROBLEM..haha..true...i really wanna sleep right now lar..but can't...

Don't know what else to say..haha

so..I guess it's just that for now...TATA

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