Saturday, October 29, 2011

You have to continue...LIFE

It has been 2 weeks since my mother got burnt by flames from a leaking gas at home. Since then, I have not used the gas stove to cook. But I still have to cook though..when my mum is in the hospital, I have been eating outside food..I'm growing sick of it.

I cooked..but not using the stove but the multi-purpose cooker my mum bought. What to do if you still have to phobia. I'm not the victim but I'm still afraid of stepping in to the kitchen. Well, I can't be staying away forever right? The first day was scary, and I noticed that it slowly improved over the days.

My mum has been discharged since the friday 2 weeks ago. It has been tough for me. My mother initially couldn't walk or stand too long. But she is improving. This incident definitely left a scar in my life. I have no mood to study. My dad asked whether it has affected me. Well, I lied about it. I'm weak. I never do good when it comes to emotion and family matters. However, its getting  better now.

My mother has start working again, SLOWLY. Doc has given her MC till 14 Nov but she said she couldn't stand sitting at home everyday so she went back to work on Friday, half day.

You have to continue life, don't you?

Every time i see her leg, so red and the skin falling off. You can imagine that horrifying situation. Sometimes it hurts to see but I can't do anything but help her get better by doing things that could help.

Rain is getting worse day by day. It was so heavy yesterday I could hardly see the road when I was driving. So be careful guys. and TAKE CARE

Here are some photos to share.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

the Experience, her Phobia

It's been a long week and everything I usually do makes no sense to me at all.

Let me warn you that this post might be long. So if you don't feel like reading, you can close this tab now
So here is the story
I didn't feel like going to class..but I have to and in the end I spent most of that duration day dreaming. Most of time, too, I feel like not coming to class at all. Well, it's my problem why I'm like this. Maybe for what I have experience days before that made me lose interest in most of my things that I do.
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who wished my mother well and came to visit my mother at the hospital. A million thanks to the nurses too who took care of my mother when both my dad and I weren't there at night.

I came back that Friday after a video shoot at the university with my friends. I went up to put my things, changed into my really, i mean REALLY short pants and went down to the kitchen. I remember telling my mother "mm~~~ very nice smell, what are you cooking for dinner arh???" and then I went out to the dining room to play with my dog. Just a few minutes later I hear my mum turning on the fire on the stove and BOOM.. not like the sound of the BOMB just like wind and BOOM..I can't explain it. Seconds later she came out of the kitchen shouting, " FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!" I could see smoke coming out of her hair and shirt. Without thinking, I took her straight to the clinic and the doctor there gave her some cream and then I drove her to SUNWAY medical centre. Please note that I stay in Shah Alam and that hospital is behind Sunway Pyramid. My mother is screaming in pain and I drove like mad there. and there is this FREAKING jam at the highway and in front of the hospital. I keep flashing lights at the car but it wouldn't move. What can I do. Eventually we reached the Emergency wad and she was immediately taken in as E&A. I didn't cry until I went to park my car and called him to talk about what happened. Well, I admit that I'm an emotional person.

 It's been a long night and I waited till around 10pm to go home. I was shaking as I drove home. I felt very tired from the crying and worrying.

It was hard the first few days as she was on drip and she could hardly walk to the toilet and I have to help her with everything, including bathing.

Days later, it reminded me of an incident that happened to one of the artist called Selina from S.H.E. They were my favorite and I tell you I was kinda devastated when she was hurt in an incident that left her burnt. Same as my mother but she was worse. At that time, I didn't know how did her friends and family feel, seeing her in that condition and feel sorry for her. Well, I know that feeling now. It's scary and hurting at the same time. Especially if she was your mother.

When she was in the hospital, she told me she dare not cook anymore, with a gas stove. She had this phobia after that incident. Now, what had happened to her make me scared of using that gas stove too. Lucky we had and multi-purpose cooker but then, I'm still worried.

She was discharged from the hospital on Friday. I took her to the hospital yesterday to do the dressing. This was the first time I see the wounds under the dressings. Some were bleeding and she was in pain when they took out the old dressing. I was worried for her. She couldn't walk after that because of the pain and I had to get the wheelchair to push her downstairs.

Tuesday is her next appointment and I hope she gets better and better....She is still on  medical leave until 14 nov...but I hope she rest well.

Mum, please get well soon. Love you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frustrated to the MAX

We started our shooting today. First thing that happened was I am tired. Second thing that happened was...the camera was not functioning properly....In the end I call Ah Bea to find out what's the problem. Apparently she said it could be the SD card problem being not able to support FULL HD videos because it is only CLASS 4 and I need a CLASS I hope it's a SD card problem and not the camera problem.

So we bare with it for today. Asked him to buy a CLASS 10 for me..thank you dear^^

SO i hope it works la..

The third thing that happened is people who are suppose to attend a discussion at 9pm didn't turn up. No reason prior to that and I am not Happy. I do respect each of you. But damn, can you guys be more responsible a bit. If you can't make it by 9pm, you have my number, you saw me during class, please tell me. Don't tell me you FORGET. It is just an excuse I won't accept.

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