Monday, February 27, 2012

By My Side

Listening to BY MY SIDE by DAVID CHOI while writing this. Couldn't figure a title for the blog so I just took the song name. I love that song. and that music video... Not because Wong Fu Productions did it. I just love the concept. ^^

Anyway. Had an awesome time with my dears today. We watched movie together (THIS MEANS WAR). It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole movie. It was good. At least before we stress for our assignments.
After that dear JESSECA has to go for an exam so left the 5 of us to wonder around.
Not wonder around lah... We went to have pancakes ..and it was actually tasty. For 5 person to share, RM 10.40 is quite reasonable. We couldn't finish the whole plate by ourselves anyway ^^

We went to find John at the Gardens after that and he promoted us the products of the company he was working in. NOT BAD (I think)

I'm tired. My eyes are closing soon. And maybe I'm just forcing myself to write this blog. So that I could be awake a few minutes longer so that I can enjoy the life. I know I'm crapping already. So...YEA... 

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