Sunday, June 10, 2012


Life is like a box of chocolate. Sometimes..sweet....sometimes....bitter!

You know that feeling of being lost?
I started to feel that after my diploma ended few weeks ago. Went around looking for jobs, but somehow, you just got lost. You love what you are just...feel lost like you are in a maze. There is an exit, but somehow, you just can't find it.

Well, tomorrow I'm going to take a job that I'm not sure whether I'm right for the job. I'm not that good. I'm considered a beginner. I'm not sure whether it's going to work. I'm really worried. Extremely worried. Even though freelance, but I'm starting my internship (again, I know!) soon.

Listening to Big Bang songs right now. Seems like it's the only thing that sounds right.
Why am I being so EMO nowadays? I don't know. I have been laughing like crazy this afternoon during that dance training we had for the upcoming FLASH MOB! Thank you Peng for teaching!

It has been one long day. Tiring. Dancing for hours. But it felt good. but with the ache that comes after it.Not that fun. Haha

Met someone the other day. After 7 years I guess? I was only Form 1 then. and we met at a MAMAK?
Can't even remember? but after that he became my pet brother. Few days ago we started to chat again and we met on Thursday.. He was nice. I was happy. and that made my day. He really took care of me like a sister. Maybe being used to be the eldest one the whole time..I just couldn't get used to being taken care like a younger one. I'm happy to have a brother like him. ^^

Freelance. Internship. 30-hour Famine. Flash mob. What else? 

I don't know. I seriously don't. Well...we'll see how it goes. ^^

Signing out! 

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