Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1 week of Freedom

It's our mid term break and tomorrow, we will be going to Malacca. I have been looking forward to this trip for almost 2 weeks already. Finally it's here. I'm still halfway in my packing. I could do it later.

So 6 of us: Mic, Michelle, Peng, Leng, Kent and me are going to Malacca. We will be having a BBQ so we went shopping today. It's like we have been staying under the same roof, buying supplies for ourselves. What will happened if we really did? (who knows?) haha..

Yesterday, my mum came back from Beijing. She bought me and dress and a leather jacket. love her so much!!!She said she hated one thing there, which is you have to bargain to get the cheapest price. It's tiring. haha. I can imagine that! After that, we went to eat durian with my aunt near Bentong. It's an orchard but they have rabbits and geese and TURKEY. We went to eat lunch in Karak after that...(ending up eating a big Patin that costs RM117 ! OMG)

That's the good news? the bad news? I haven't even start my assignment yet. Great? Great.

Degree life is like this. busy. hectic.

and GREAT? look. I have 4 more assignments due this month. OH YEAH.

Photography....CRF....Fiction writing.....and Advertising.

Right now...I think I would just enjoy the holidays first and bother it later (after I come back from Malacca lah~). Need to remind myself to take some photos tomorrow...

Weeee~ enjoy the photos ~

Oh ya~ I graduated earlier this month! hehe

That's all for now~^^

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