Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just felt like writing something

It's been almost 3 months since I wrote a post on my blog.
By the way, holidays are ending soon for me. It ends this week...and by next week and the following 14 weeks...I will have to enjoy my uni life 6 days a week! Yeah? (at least it's better than sitting home all day doing nothing right?)

So...how am I recently?
I'm...fine! No doubt that this 3 months have been crazy...since I have been working in uni as a scholar and some stuffs went out of control...plus meeting new people..new friends...Well, it has been interesting...YET.
Small details? Well...I had a great Christmas...and then New Year...and then Chinese New Year.. We didn't go back to Johor this year to see my aunt..that's my only regret. 

I think this might be a long post..so you might want to close this tab if you are already getting bored ^^

Actually, I don't know what to write. And you might think, then why write? I just feel like speaking out...blogs used to be my place where I wrote my heart out, let it bitter or sweet. But I tried not to make it too bitter, scared that all of you might not take it, or maybe myself will not be able to take it also.

It's been some time that someone encouraged me to do something I like. I met this person recently, which is now a friend of mine ^^ Knowing that I liked video editing, and knowing that this friend just actually knew me, still encouraged me to pursue my interest. I'm not sure if that friend does the same thing to everyone else that my friend knew, but I glad that this friend encouraged me, and I found back my passion thanks to this friend. "You have the passion and skill. Pursue it. Don't let it lie within you. Share it with the world."
(Well, I did accept a job or 2 recently. Simple task job..building up my portfolio)

Remember that last year's Big Bang concert was actually my real first concert I've ever been to? My uni actually did hold a concert in conjunction for 1M4Youth! I get to see all my favorite Youtube Stars! Awesome! and there was Estelle and Taboo! And we partied like crazy! Honestly speaking? This was my second best concert I've ever been too!

Thinking back, memories are a bit blur for me right now. Sometimes, I feel that my memories are hiding somewhere, just that some part of me don't want to remember it, that's why some part might be missing. But the funny thing is, most of my memories that I remembered clearly are those that I don't really like. Subconscious mind..SHHHH!

I think I should head to bed soon! even though I know I might not be able to sleep for the next 3 hours or so? Shouldn't have slept in the afternoon. Great..yea great! my body clock is a mess and class is starting next week (calender said so)

okay...good night everybody!