Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's midnight

Dear Blog...it's midnight...and I'm supposed to be already lying on my bed trying to sleep. But since I have nothing to do tomorrow..I shall sleep a bit later

Holidays started and we the gang-not-sters hang out almost once every week. Since one of us is going to UK and another is going to Singapore soon. We are going to miss them! Anyway, we also got our last semester results last friday. All of us were satisfied. and we celebrated the whole day ^^

Pimples have been popping out like mushrooms growing in the jungle. PAIN..and IRRITATING. I was suppose to go for facial but then no one inform me that the person was on emergency leave. WENT ALL THE WAY THERE...ahemmm...and then..well..nvm.

It's damn hot nowadays. I know ppl always say that its always SUMMER all year long in Malaysia. But to me, I kinda like to think that Malaysia has four seasons. During Spring, you can see flowers on trees by the road bloooming and dropping, Summer will be like right now, hot like crazy, Autumn, a bit of rain, and sun, and wind, while Winter, of course it didn't snow but it will be raining almost everyday.

Malaysia is not always free from nature hazards you know. Heavy downpour, we even have earthquake near Sabah. But we are considered lucky already.

Seriously, I'm sleepy right now. I was just writing this post to kill time while waiting for the file I was downloading. and waiting someone to reply. Not sure whether that person will reply. But, nvm. I shall sleep first!


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