Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lakeside campus ~

7.01 am...Owhhhh~~~ Still early! I am so sleepy!!
That car is blocking everyone and its already green light. Move it people~~~ I need to get to LCS  (oops!! forgot!) Lakeside early to find my classroom. I really don't want to be late for my 'first day in a new place' class!
Finally! I reached there before any jam could happen! Jia leng's car was in front of mine and I join her when she got out of the car. We thought we were the earliest one because the whole campuse was so quiet. But when we walked up the stairs we saw to familar faces (maybe we are not one of the earliest after all). Penny and Cheryl already reached here before us and they have the same fear which is late for class,  lost or caught in a jam outside.
We managed to find our class and guess what.. Mr. Winston is also early. He came in early to check the things out such as the plugs and the classroom. Class started later on and everyone was late ( some of them was lost and some of them was caught in a jam). The classroom was pretty cold at first but when others came in the temperature kept rising. We had 2 of the class that morning ( fundamentals of management and mass communication). All of us need some time to make ourselves get used to all of this
After class, we went and celebrate Ameera's birthday ( a late one because her birthday was on the 24th April 2010). haha..birthday girl already found out about it before we can give her a surprise!( too bad)

                                         Source: facebook(picture by John Liew)

So, Kevin brought the cake to Lakeside because all of us will have to attend class and he is the free one^^. The cheese cake was so hard like ice or stone that even the cake knife(plastic knife) and the butter knife(stainless steel knife) couldn't cut through it. In the end all of us chose to eat without cutting it by using a fork and the outcome was this. The cake become a mess but all of us have a great time eating the cake(the cheese cake was so cold). It was a hot weather and eating this cake was refreshing^^
After the party, we went to the library to do some studying. However, the studying become a chatting hour session. But, there are some of the things I don't feel quite comfortable about when in the library. First, it is very cold~~
Second, the amount of computer in the computer lab is not enough and I have to go over to Block C level 7. And third, the WiFi connection is bad. Even though my friends are using their computer but they find it hard to online because it is very slow.

Overall, my first day was quite okay!! But I need some time to get used to it. As you know, Malaysia's weather here are hot! But the classroom is like an ice burg(sometimes its very cold).When you get out from the classroom and walk to the cafeteria, you will take around 5 minutes to walk there..or more! And you will sweat!! I think I will loose weight because walking is a good exercise! ( Lakeside is so big)

The most unforgettable thing about Monday was in Block E ( I am not sure about other blocks but my class is at Block E ) that everyone is looking at the same lift ( the third one). The first lift was stuck at level LG and not moving, the second one is OUT OF SERVICE??!! Only the third one is available and eventually, we chose to walk. ( It's okay, walking is good for your health anyway and my classroom is at the 4th floor)

Now,the cafeteria aka the food court. I still find it hard to eat there and I rather starve myself. (sorry!!) I was saying like that because the food there is so expensive!! Mix rice is RM 6 while I can eat RM 3 outside. It is out of my budget and the food varieties is not much. I know I know.. We need to be patient right? Because more food varieties will be available when the commercial block is done. So.. I will^^

Oh!! I just found out!! There is a cow farm next to Taylor's!! It was a ' nice view' and I heard, ' nice smell' too(but I didn't smell a thing! funny eh??). 

And Penny.. I saw your blog!!Hahaha..I also know what is your present!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh no!!Last day!!

Today is already Sunday!!means~ tomorrow we will be back in college and class will go on as usual.Let's begin where I stopped.
Nothing special happened that day.Well, I spent my time in my home sitting in front of my computer and staring at it. I really don't know what to do. So, I decided to surf around the net to find some useful stuffs to put it into my assignments.  When I went downstairs, I found out my brother didn't go to school again, which means he skipped class. I was so angry and I was thinking :" What are these kids doing and thinking these days? Do they feel 'I am tired, so I do not want to go to class'? Are they lazy? Are they avoiding something? Or are they just finding excuses to disguise their irresponsible attitude towards themselves?" I just don't quite understand the kids these days (my time will be, excuses = caning and scolding) So, I continued to do my stuffs and ignored him.

At night, I watched American Idol with my family on 8tv ( I don't subscribe Star World). This week's theme is "Inspirational songs" and their mentor is Alicia Keys( I still prefer last week where Adam Lambert is the mentor^^). She gave good advices to all of the contestants and she keep stressing a point where they should feel the song and get connected to it so that the viewers will get what they feel too. Well, I want to talk about a few contestants. First up was Casey and he did performed quite well. I mean he played the guitar well, sang well and it was an okay performance for me. The second one was Lee Dewyze. I kind of like this contestant because he gave me a feeling of he is a come back of David Cook and Kris Allen. I was touched by the way he sang that night. To me, he has a chance to win if he has more confidence(that's my opinion-lah~).Siobhan was one of the favorites but she seems lost and I think she gets more worse every week.The contestant I loved most was Crystal Mamasox!! She was the last person to come out to sing but she sang very nicely and she cried but she managed to sing the whole song. She is great! She has personality too!

Both Pictures:
Taken from
Crystal Bowesox (left) and Lee Dewyze (right) after their respective performance

Happy Birthday Dad!!!and also 2 of my friends, Lim Chai Fook and Chen Kai Xian!! friend's brother, even if I don't know you.
Morning was usual for me (assignments) and some researching.
When it was dinner time, we went to a restaurant near Sunway Pyramid to celebrate my father's birthday. It was the second time I went there with my family. The first time was last Friday where we had our birthday there to celebrate my mother's birthday.

During the night, me and family sat down in front of the TV set again to watch American Idol, Idol Gives Back programme and results show(thank God Tim Urban was voted out). This usually 1 hour show has become 2 hours for the Idol Gives Back Concert where they featured singers such as The Black Eyed Peas, Mary J.Blidge, Orianthi, Sir Elton John, previous American Idol winner Carrie Underwood and many more. They also show many videos about their effort to help prevent malaria among the people in Africa by calling out to people to donate just $10 to buy mosquito nets for the Africa people so they won't get malaria easily.I was touched by all the videos that are reported I feel we need to take the effort to help these people by just donating and charity work = good karma (if you believe it).

Speaking about charity, every year me and my fellow friends called the Youth group will organize a 30 hour Famine D.I.Y camp by World Vision and this year theme is "为wei孩hai子zi 打da造zao无wu贫pin城cheng市shi,light up their life". (The first half of that sentence in means we build a non-poverty urban area for the children) This camp will take place on the 21st and 22nd of august 2010 and readers, I would like to show you a video about the families' stories in the urban areas where poverty happens to them

Taken from Youtube:
Urban poverty Video for 30 Hour Famine 2010


Saturday and Sunday
These 2 days I was at my senior house having some not too serious, some fun but still kind of serious meeting and it was all about sharing.
On Saturday, we discussed to juniors' problem among ourselves(ex-seniors) and ways we suggest to solve the problem. It was a long one and it took 12 hours(9 am to 9pm) . However in the end, we are quite satisfied about what we came out for the juniors.
The next day, I reached my senior's house around 7 something to discuss some last minute detail and problems we are going to face. The day went quite smoothly and we manage to hear the opinions of our juniors from each form and their feeling and thoughts toward the matters that are discussed earlier.

I knew the meeting will take a long time so I postponed my piano class to another time to be there and to listen to their problems and help solving it. By the end of the day, I did hope they solve the problems among themselves and I wish them good luck in everything, especially their upcoming Kadet Remaja Sekolah  anniversary celebration.

After that, I went back home, eat my lunch-dinner meal, take a nice bath, turn on my computer and start writing this blog. Hope you guys like it.^^

So, these are the things I did during my 1 week holiday!!!!

See all of my fries friends(still hungry ==lll) tomorrow at the new lakeside campus ya!! Hope all of you don't get lost in the maze!! ( Just kidding)
~End of Part 2~

-The End for This week's Theme-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...Holidays and assignments...

Holiday is here!!!
Today is already Wednesday and not one of my assignments is done and my class is reopening on next Monday!!Great!!!
Okay.So, since this is one of them, it is fine as I can express my FEELINGS here.

Dear readers,
My holiday so far...not bad!
Let's start from Monday shall we??
Monday started with a late morning wake. After that, I washed up, eat some 'brunch', went to the room, sit down, turn on my computer and start doing some assignments and some chatting with friends! Well, at the end of the day, I manage to complete some of the tasks I wanted it to be done and I was proud!( I am a lazy person.I do admit!)Also, of all the assignments that are given to date(total:4), the advertisement analysis was the toughest one yet! So, I have to add more effort right? Wish me luck!! Normally after dinner on a Monday night, I will sit in front of the TV set and start to relax and entertain myself. I would like to share with you guys about a show. Its called So You Think You Can Dance.I think most of you (if you have Astro and tuned in to AXN)have heard of it. Even though it is a bit outdated ( AXN is showing season 6, which is last year's one), I still love it a lot. This is because it inspires people to achieve their dreams. Some of them came with nothing, "dark" backgrounds but they still strive hard, did their best to achieve their dreams. This attitude made a lot of people to look up to them, especially the younger generations. Last Monday show was about the finale. However, what I want to show is not about the contestants that made into the finale but the guy who almost made it but he didn't regret. His name is Legacy and he is a b-boy street dancer. During the Las Vegas audition, he nearly didn't make it because he was not used to being choreographed as he is a street dancer. The judges made him dance FOR HIS LIFE. He did it and the judges let him through to the next round and he did all he could and he made it to the top 8.

Kathryn & Legacy * Viennese Waltz - Your Guardian Angel Link here
(Video From Youtube)
I am proud of him because he changed a lot in such a short time. He can made it this far because of his effort and it is not easy for dancers in this show to come this far. If he can do it, so do we. We just need some effort!

Tuesday was the second day I spent my time doing almost the same time again, which is sit down in front of my computer and do my assignments. We even chat about our assignments and we decided to go to the Lakeside campus on Wednesday to do some research.

So, about today, Wednesday. We went to the lakeside campus as planned. Some of us came late but me and Jia Leng went early around 8 something in the morning. Jia Leng reaction was like "OMG!"Haha^^ This is her first time here so I get it. The library is 4 storey high and it has a big lake. Every first comers will definitely say a " WOW!" So everybody eventually arrived and my stomach started to growl very loud until my friends could hear it. So we went to the food court and eat an early lunch. Ameera and Kevin ordered Chicken chop from a restaurant operated by students but they didn't manage to finish it because it's salty. So, guys, improve on it! After that, we went back to the library and did our assignments and we found out that Kevin will no longer continuing his studies here anymore as he has to fly back to Taiwan. All of us were shocked. I mean.. we just made friends and he now has to leave, so bad! But, we are gonna miss him and that is for sure!

~End of Part 1~

Friday, April 16, 2010

...Always There...
The sky is gloomy and dark...You can feel the cold, and the windy chill...It is like a part where in a novel, the character begins to feel lonely, scared...even creepy like something was wrong and the person will start to wonder in the streets like a stray cat with no place to go to..but I am just tired...after a long day...
It is almost stars can be seen tonight...even the moon is out of sight...It makes me wonder into the black skies and started to think about the beautiful past...People always said,"Even though you can't go back to the past,but it will be always a memory that will get stuck in your mind forever, no matter you like it or not." Well, unless you get some sickness that makes u lose your memory which is unlikely to happen to most of us in this world.
*4 years ago*
We first met each other when I just started my new beginning in my second year in a secondary school.Thanks to my friends, I entered a 'family' where you have been there for quite some time. You were the senior and I was a junior with a special name and a special family background. We didn't talk to each other that often. that time liked my friend who was sitting next to me in class and she was the first person(other than my primary school friends) that I knew since I was in that school. She was also in that great and warm and colorful 'family'.
She was the talkative one and I was the quiet one. I was still new I don't know anything so the head of the 'family' put me together with the new ones so I can learn the basics.

We didn't know each other until when you first message me in a fine morning where you was supposed to be listening to a teacher in class. I was quite shocked when you sent me that message. It was unexpected. I didn't know you and you hardly know me as your junior.

Every Monday evening during my PE class. You would come and find her. You would also bring some drinks that you bought from a nearby pasar malam. However...things aren't like what we wanted it to be...She rejected your feelings towards her. You felt sad and you told me about it. I tried to console you and we begin to chat all day and all night.

After that, there is me and my problem. You treated me as a friend you could talk to. I treated you the same too. All my feelings for a person I liked....the guy who cheated me...all my problems...I throw it to you...and you listened to me. You were a great listener.

Things kept going on like this for a year and a half. I treated you more than a senior in that 'family', more than a friend... I treated you as my big brother who would come and help me whenever I have problems. You would console me if I cried over my feelings towards him. You were always there for me.

I knew you always cared for me but I didn't how you felt about me until.....

4 days before my government examination during my third year in high school. I was crying everyday because of him. You couldn't stand seeing me crying and suffering everyday. You took a move. You confess your feelings towards me. I was in a shock. I couldn't believe you because of my past where a guy cheated on me and I don't believe in guys anymore. You told me to give you a chance and believe you. I didn't know what to reply you as I was still recovering from a previous relationship. and....I was unsure whether I was ready to accept you.

You didn't forced me but I made my decision. I agreed.

It is because I believe you... You will always be there for me...


I put on my jacket and walked away from the balcony.
The stars is coming out again and the midnight rain just stopped not long ago and I told myself I better get some sleep.
I the midnight rain. It calms me down for some reason.
With a smile in my face, I tuck into my bed and fell asleep. Good night everyone

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Start...New Chapter...New Beginning...

My first few and new friends I met in Taylor's.
( )
It is the third week into my first semester in Taylor's University College for Diploma in Mass Communication.Now, I have already met 4 of my lecturers- Ms Ngim, Ms Sureka, Ms Karmini and Mr. Winston.
What I can say is 'Whoa..I need to get this straight! I am no longer in secondary school where I have to wear all the same uniforms everyday and my class start at 8am and each day has only 4 hours of class.'
Well, I still need to get used to all of this college life where you are no longer spoon-fed and you are now treated as an adult. Ya, an adult.I still remembered how I wished I could end my secondary school life as soon as possible so that I can be freed from all those stress from SPM. I managed to get over it and now here I am writing a blog themed "A new beginning' .
It is hard to deny that time passes right through us without us even noticing it. 5 months ago I was siting for my SPM. After a month I was working at GSC, 1 Utama as a ticket seller and now I am in a college studying mass communication.
I didn't feel regret but I still wish that I could go back there and enjoy the secondary year life. But too bad there is no time machine in this world.
One of our classrooms in LCS campus
Well, our class have been quite OK so far. However, the location of the class can be complicated some time because there was once where my friends and I got lost in the maze and we went to the wrong class and there was another time where we couldn't find the classroom and luckily a senior helped us. We also can't wait to move to lakeside campus because there is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I chose mass communication because it is quite similar to music. I stopped my YAMAHA music course so it won't become a burden to my family as I study in Taylor's. It is a new life to me because Saturdays were supposed to be sitting in front of the electone with 6 of my friends in a class where we take turns to play the piano and preparing our coming exams. So, it is a new beginning in my life to live without that part.

Some of my classmates in this course
(!/photo.php?pid=3888124&op=2&o=global&view=global&subj=647674317&id=634638357 )

Actualy, I feel lucky and I am very happy that I could make quite a lot of friends in only 3 weeks. i was quite worried at first because I am not the kind of person who like to socialize with people especially people who are so mysterious to me.
I was also shocked because I knew that I was not the only person with the mixed parentage in my blood. haha!
Speaking of subjects, I had 5 of them in my first semester. They are Fundamentals of management( where you learn all about management in an organization), Introduction into Information Technology( which is all about computers), Mass communication, College Study Skills( which is similar to English) and of course my favorite one(I think..maybe because no exams. Haha!!), Creative Communication and Portfolio Development.

Well, a new start and a new beginning in a new chapter in my life. Great!!!