Sunday, March 18, 2012

UP up and away!

Went to the HOT AIR BALLOON FIESTA 2012 two days ago at Putrajaya. 
It was awesome to see the balloons flying high around the sky. Woke up 5.30am in the morning to get ready so I would be in time to fetch my DEARS from her house and Taylor's. Thank goodness there was no jam to Putrajaya. Thank goodness it was the school holiday if not I would be cracking my head like a coconut!

Had fun. We reached there around 7.45am like that. Queued up but in the end the tickets were all SOLD OUT  to the 300 person in front. *sigh* It was a disappointment..but after I saw the height.. I was thinking..damn not worth it coz it wasn't that high after all><

We played archery and Peng and Jess bought the bubbles thingy and after that..Michelle..Jess and Peng bought themselves a balloon each..haha..Jess was like regretting after that saying : OMG ..I have to carry it around in the KTM later!" haha This is the consequences of nothing thinking before you act Jess

We left after that..and we went to do recce. I forgot the way to the Putrajaya we ended up driving towards Pullman hotel and on a junction, they told me they say the playground..and we ended up taking pictures there. Ok..I shall now let the pictures do the talking..

Among so many pictures..I like this the most..probably because the effect of the bubbles.

 After that...we went to the recreational park near Pullman hotel.To a man made beach..

that's all for now..^^ good night!

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