Monday, June 27, 2011


 Wake up to the alarm from my phone. 9a.m.  It's raining outside , it's cold outside, but my room is very hot. Probably because I close my door and my windows...and my room doesn't have air conditioning!

Seriously, I am depressing at home right now. My schedule for a day would be
Wake up around 11 something,
Bath and then turn on laptop.
Watch movie while eating lunch.
Turn off laptop around 3 to 4 pm
Take a nap OR read a book OR watch TV
Mummy comes home around 6 something, so I probably will help with the house chores such as cooking or something
Eat dinner around 7something and then turn on my laptop again around 8stg to 9pm.
Watch some drama series until it's time to sleep. and that will be around 12am to 1am.

and this schedule repeats for the whole week for another 1  more month! My next semester will only start on Aug 1! I feel like banging my head on the wall sometimes because I feel so unproductive!!!!!I want to work!!!!!
I know..Talking won't bring any use if you can't act it out!

Just got a message..If everything goes right..I will work tomorrow!!!^^

Ate Snowflakes today with him at Sungei Wang this afternoon!!! Awesome!! but when I saw the picture he took of me, I look so pale!! ><

OKay..I think that is all for now!!^^

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am back!! It has been some time since I wrote my last blog post. I am still on my holidays and I should be updating my blog more often, but I wasn't. Haha..
I am LAZY, which in turn resulting in at not updating my blog that often.
But now, due to boredom, I decided to update it. On... SHOWDOWN 2011 Top 5 few days ago!!!
Their theme was MAGIC. and honestly, I didn't expect it to be that awesome!!!! Especially from Elecoldxhot!

(suddenly craving for a cheese cake! OH no..Fat..)

It was awesome to be on live show because you get to see the tv crews preparing for the show, how they clean the stage using cardboards to "chase" away those confetti..and the emcee mumbling on the speech he was about to say on camera, and of course parts where the camera didn't manage to show on tv (one angle of the pre-recording I saw they show on tv was 2 dancers that were posing and they missed the dancing part..hmm).
I was on the edge of whether to bring my camera that day. But in the end I brought it to the studio and I manage to shoot some photos as usual. Here are the photos.

okay..that's it for now..^^

Monday, June 13, 2011


Bought a new pair of shoe..All thanks to Ah Jack for buying me that pair of Converse from JB. I like it! Very Nice..and I mean it..haha
I saw a disgusting thing today. He stepped on a dead rat..and the dead rat was already squashed before and it has maggots inside. Ewwww!!!!

Finally I settled that PTPTN Loan agreement thing. I guess I wont be frustrated about anything regarding my school fees at the moment. But I need money. Damn. For what? A new computer, an Iphone 4 and clothes, go on holiday. I have to stop dreaming, because I know I won't be achieving those goals at the moment. Not within these few months. But maybe at the end of this year it may come true. Its a MAY. so it May won't come true either. I have to work hard, study hard!!! I have to and I need to.

Durians. Have been eating those everyday since Saturday when I came back from Kangkar seeing my aunt. However, we didn't get to see her but saw uncle instead and we end up buying durians from a seller a few doors away from his kopitiam^^

I miss those days when all cousins gather together during CNY at mummy's hometown.

Aunt is sick. I heard she is getting thinner and thinner...><
Everybody grows old, but is heartsickening to see her like this, and seeing her living condition.

okay..some photos to share^^

Monday, June 6, 2011

Losing my mind

Day 2 without mum at home and I am losing my freaking damn mind. I feel so stress right now. Afternoon was fun with the movie and stuffs. But coming home without my mum around makes me feel so suffering. I guess I should follow my mum to Singapore and let them feed themselves.

I am living with 2 guys who knows how to mess up but don't know how to clean. What am I going to do. I don't want to live in a mess, so I have to clean up.

Chapter 13 of BORN AT MIDNIGHT. wait. I guess I should stop for a while and I think I should grab something to eat. Once I stepped into the kitchen, I saw something small and brown on the floor with 2 long things on one end of it. SHIT, cockroach.

and I end up cleaning downstairs for almost half an hour.

Yes. I did not eat anything. Thats all for my dinner. haha. Air and water.

I feel so tired. and I am wondering if I should go to work tomorrow. In the end, I thought that since mum is not at home and dad is not feeling so well, might as well wait until wednesday when my mum is back.

You know guys have this thought of "I thought girls are responsible of taking care of the house chores, not us", not all of the guys but I think guys at my home do have this thought. (I thought all of us are equal????)

and I found a sweet wrapper on the table where my laptop is situated. Someone has been using my laptop and simply throwing the rubbish around. It ain't me. and for goodness sake, the rubbish bin is just 2 steps away. Lazy people. I think I should change the password of my account.

Today is the Chinese Dumpling Celebration. I miss mum's dumplings. She hasn't been making for a while. You know, all the hard work and stuffs. But anyway, I miss eating it.

I think that's all for my complaining today..heheeee...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Days are bored when I am at home. When the thought of still having 2 more months before my semester 4 starts, or should I say, before my sem break ends, I don't know whether should I feel happy, or sad. Happy because I still have 2 more months to rot at home but sad because it's gonna end soon.

If I had a choice, I won't be spending most of my time at home. I would rather go out. But, normally when you are outside, you will spend money. The petrol or the transportation already cost some money. You can't be cycling to the mall right? You will sweat like you just came out of the shower and you will get dirty dust particles on your face, and it's DAMN far.

My mum just went to Singapore this morning. I am already missing her now. Without her at home, it's like living with two useless assholes (sorry for the usage of words, not so happy today.hmm). I don't understand guys. I don't know about him but this two living at this house is almost useless. One got help, well sometimes. But the other is just messing up the living room and treating it like a rubbish bin. No, I will not wash the plates that he left there after he eaten the food in it or throwing the wrapper and packets of junk food he ate. He needs to know how to be responsible, and I hope he knows how. No matter what, I am not cleaning his leftovers! I don't care if the rat comes next to him or kiss him, it's his matter. People like him should learn from his mistakes, if not he will never learn, at all. Period.

Well, life is hard right. Life is never easy. Even sometimes, doing the easiest things can be so hard for some people. But with efforts, nothing is impossible.

I Love my Life. Sometimes, I do hate it because it doesn't go the way I want. But you can't do anything. If everything goes the way you want. Life would be boring, right not?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

another visit

Went to Showdown yesterday! Another epic performance by Elecoldxhot!!!! They are great. Somehow, I just noticed that no matter how good you perform, a mistake is a mistake. You are at risk of being eliminated.
Here are some of the photos



 现在啊...我在跟一位videographer学拍video and editing