Friday, June 14, 2013


I believe everyone has their own fears. Our lecturer asked us about it yesterday. One classmate mentioned that his fear was the fear of being blind. That was my fear too. Yes...I fear of becoming blind. Knowing that you may not be able to see beautiful things around you anymore. That's scary. I was once "blinded" by the injury 2 months ago. I couldn't open my eyes for the whole day or 2. I remember I have to "feel" my way out of my room to eat my lunch. It was scary, tiring and sad.

This morning, I woke up with a sharp pain in my eye and tears kept flowing down  non stop. NOT AGAIN >< I thought. shit. sigh. Those were the same symptoms I had when I was diagnosed by the doctor in the hospital. It's called cornea abrasion - injury that happens on the surface of the cornea. I was lucky as the file didn't pierce right through as the doctor said it was already a bad scratch. After taking a bathe in the morning, the pain stop. GOOD but not good enough. My vision of my right eye was blurry. The same thing that happened after the pain subsided 2 months ago, and that took me weeks to heal. I wonder how long will it take this time.

During class, I googled. and I found this.Apparently, this injury will recur. 
Sometimes, long after an abrasion has healed, it can recur spontaneously. This recurrence can appear when you wake up in the morning. It happens when an area of the epithelium has not reconnected to the deeper parts of the cornea. "

 On the way back, I talked to my dad about it. He said I couldn't wear contact lens because I will get infected easily. I wonder : will my eye ever heal? or it will just have side effects until forever?

Just a thought. I don't want to be all negative.

So I went home and slept for 2 hours. Surprisingly, my vision came back a bit. Still having blur vision now though. So, it's the lack of sleep and dry eye I guess. "It wasn't your fault"

Yup. Assignments have been crazy lately, like I haven't stop at all. This weekend, even though my cousin and her family are coming over (yeah! I get to see my niece and nephews), but I really have tons of stuff to get down. So let me try and list it out:

CCV Activity (edit video)
RTP LOL (storyboard)

following week:
IM website design?
er...Audience Studies ( Research Proposal ) grrrrr
RTP LOL (video shoot and video edit)
oh! and also Ethics (case study)

I'm screwed am I? haha

Did I mentioned that Im going to G-dragon's concert next week! haha! Im excited^^ so let's get some..not all lah..  done and I can enjoy!