Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time flies...FAST

9 years since all of us played together, laughed together, do stupid things together.
Today I went back to my late grandmother's house in Tangkak, Johor. Empty. Nobody staying there, garden was a mess, the old rambutan tree have stopped fruiting and the young one has unripe fruits hanging over with dead leaves all over the ground. The house was left to care by my uncle. Can't blame him or anyone. All of them are growing old day by day.

9 years has passed and many things had changed. Some of us get married, some of us finished high school, some of us still studying in uni, while some of us even had kids. But some of them, they grow old. Seeing the last time we really get together was 9 years ago where most of us was filled with sadness because we had to send grandma to a peaceful place.

Sickness seems to be your closest 'friend' when you grow old, seeing my uncle and auntie being affected by different illness they have to bare and the effect on them makes me feel sad. Sad not just because I can't do anything, sad also because one day, somehow, maybe, let's hope it won't happen, it may happen to my parents.

Auntie is growing thinner and thinner everyday, but it is still heart warming to see uncle taking care of her even though he is already old himself, with his leg all swollen up due to high blood pressure and standing all day taking care of the Kopitiam.

Time, really catches on you without you even noticing it. So what I can say is, enjoy the moment, not to say do stupid things but to appreciate what that is in front of us and enjoy every moment of it. 

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