Saturday, June 16, 2012

I seriously...

You know..I really hate people..when you say something or ask something simple..the reply you with a whole paragraph with a bunch of facts and statistics like they know everything in the whole world. Like you're so smart. It gets annoying...and I SERIOUSLY HATE IT. That person needs to know how to keep quiet and shut up. SERIOUSLY. and I mean IT.

Okay. enough with the emo-writing-with-all-the-annoying stuff.

Went and work there for 5 days. Awesome experience. With the editing of course. But the laptop has been giving me problems. I could actually get the 2nd MV done on the last day.. But the laptop had to fail on me. From the time I get back from lunch, for 3 hours the software wont open. and I had to restart the laptop 3 times.

The boss was a nice guy. Colleagues were nice too. Maybe I'm just being too shy and my cantonese suck to the max. Coz I seldom talk to them.

I think I may consider going back to help them when I'm on holidays. Seriously. Because to me, it's a great experience to learn and improve.

It's just..a bit FAR. CHERAS. took me almost 50 mins (slow drive) each day to reach there.

But the trip was worth it. I get to learn things. And also meet GREAT PEOPLE on the way. WORTH IT

well..that's all for now.


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