Saturday, December 17, 2011

The "real" reality

The working world is not what I have expected, at least, until few days ago only that I realize that this is the reality. The real, REAL world. I have been working straight for 13 days already, going out almost everyday for recce. It's not easy working in this line, but I like what that comes out later, the outcome, and knowing that all the sacrifices I did was worth it. Tiring...but still worth it..Well, I guess...hmm...

It's the third week into this internship and only 5 more weeks to go. Time flies fast, and I keep forgetting to update my logbook and I'm sitting here writing my blog. The good thing is I get to say what I want to say right here.

Today is Saturday...right? Even I can't differentiate what day is today since I have started to work. Great. Nice. Shit. Does this means I am a workaholic? Nah..I hope not.

Christmas is coming soon. I'm actually hoping that I will get a present. But if none, it's okay also. It's just a wish that I don't mind if it doesn't come true. The funny thing after you get older is, you don't really care anymore about some of the details that happens in life. Such as....birthday parties, or presents.....

Oh ya..and my results came out a few days ago.. It was the worst among the 4 sems. What else could I do, what is done, is done and you can't change anything. Life....ah...screw life.....I don't know what else I could say about it. I'm single and free now. I will do what I like to do and I don't care what you say or think..But that doesn't mean I can't think properly for my future. and I thought you knew me. Disappointing, really disappointing.........

Those words you wrote there, just made my heart sank even more. My mood today was like under the well, couldn't find houses ....and got scolding from my mum for scratching the car.............SCREW it......SCREW everything. I just want to go home and sleep..........and cry.......whatever a girl will do........

I guess....that is all I want to say for now.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet addiction

My cousin sisters came over last night to my house to visit my mother. My mum has gotten better but needs further care. When they came, they brought us cakes from RT pastry. RT pastry's cakes are nice. I have tried it before and I liked it a lot. 

Here are some of the pictures I took for the Tiramisu that they bought. TASTY~~~

I always loved desserts. I would survive with just eating desserts. But, I should control the intake. If not, it would be deadly: diabetes...( A lot of my relatives have it)

First week of my internship wasn't that bad except, it was lifeless. Maybe, for now. I wished that there are projects coming in so we can be busy again, and not just sitting there do nothing. SO LIFELESS.

Maybe I have gotten used to being busy that I can't get used being free and do nothing.

Let's just hope the busyness will come to us starting tomorrow. That's all for now that I would like to update about. SAYONARA^^

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It ends..but it starts all over again...

Semester 4 ended few days ago.
So, here I am writing my blog after my blog was left to rust for a few weeks or... Maybe just a few days?
I was actually enjoying my SHORT holidays! When I say short is really short. I only get to rest like...4 days before semester 5 starts. Hectic I tell you. I am having my internship starting from TUESDAY till January next year, which is a few days before Chinese New Year. And... I heard that my semester 6 is going to start after that...which will going to end around MAY. hmm..Life...ya..This is the reality.

When internship starts... I actually don't know what to expect. Will it be good or bad? I can't tell. I just hope it will go smoothly. Luckily..I'm doing with 5 of my other classmates. I was lucky not having to face it all alone. I'm not that type of person who could socialize with other people. Most of the time, I force myself to talk to people I don't know because I have no choice. Frankly speaking, I am shy to strangers. Even though part of myself didn't want myself to be like this, another part would want myself to stay this way. Well, if you know what I was talking about.

Few days ago, I went to drink with few of my friends. Honestly, I wanted to get drunk. After all that I have to go through last semester which ended that day. I just wanted to relax. But I didn't get drunk. If I did, actually it would be dangerous. Since, ya. It's not a safe place to get drunk.

Came back, feeling my face swollen because of all those drinking and dancing..and lack of sleep. Took the train back to my house. Bloody train, have to wait 20 minutes to with a bunch of smelly people. I feel like I am in a tin of sardins or something. Luckily, I managed to get a seat. I didn't take the lady's coach this time. They were bloody pushing everywhere. I can't get inside, so I went to the one next to it. And BLOODY HELL. That train is a one door coach train.

I think.. That is all for now. If I write any longer, you guys won't have the mood to read anyways. Okay.

Thank you for reading. ^^

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Need 1 second to breathe

I am suppose to be doing my study for my exam next week. It's never ending is it? I have just handed up my last assignment yesterday. I finally can least for a while. 

I had trouble sleeping last night. I didn't had my dinner because I wasn't feeling well. When I was starting to fall asleep, I feel myself floating and dizzy. It's SCARY I tell you, really scary!

I don't know what to say right now..hmm..let me think..

How is my life right now? Hectic.....Ya..I'm really getting used to this SINGLE but NOT AVAILABLE life. Ya..We all met a guy, he looked handsome, play the violin. and he looked like Wilber Pan. haha. He is the perfect guy in every girl's heart.  And it's kinda fun having a crush. I mean not falling IN LOVE with him. It is just utterly positively 100% admire. I admire this kind of ppl. To have the talent and good looks at the same time. It is purely admiration. Don't get me wrong><

And ya..I'm not going to be in a relationship. Not until I meet that 100% right guy one day. Which is, I think it will need to wait. Because I really LIKE this life! and I mean it!

OH ya.. Just uploaded a few of my videos.

A video about JOY

To kids, joy is simplicity, Simplicity is joy.. They never think much. Always a YES or NO. and they always live to the moment. Adults, however, when we grow up, things get more and more complex...even the meaning of JOY. 

Check this video out:

and also a montage me and my group did (PEDAS! Productions)
about crime drama. I did the editings..haha
The link here:

Please leave a comment or like the video. It will mean a lot. and it is needed so further improvement can be made.

GOOD LUCK to all of my friends who are all sitting for exam next week. No matter it is STPM or our FINALS... GOOD LUCK peeps! All the best! and also to myself..haha

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A short one

Wanted to update a short post for my blog..not a long one..
coz..Tomorrow is presentation day..Awful..i know..

Yea..I am single but no..I m not available..haha..odd combination.but yea..Too many things happening lately..I just need a break..

Fashionology was awesome guys! I'm proud of you! Even though there are glitches here and there. But I have to say, it is not easy to pull it off. And you guys did it! Proud of you guys...haha

okay..SPM students! GOOD luck for tmrw's paper! BM right?
 I know..You guys have to pass if not you won't get that cert. But don't worry. Just try your best! I wish you guys all the best.and also to my ASSHOLE bro..I hate you..but I want you to pass that exam..haha..

To STPM students! Good luck to you all too! Exam in another 7 more day right?
 I wish you all the best too!!! Hope you guys will Ace all of it smoothly..!

Okay.time to sleep..Blasted enough music d...GOOD NIGHT!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

FOod FoOd FOoD

Yesterday we did shooting at my house and pat's house. But before that, we went all food frenzy!
Old town for breakfast. Domino's at my house. and then we went to eat Snowflakes and after finish shooting the swimming part. We went to MAMAK for dinner! the MAMAK food was awesome. Where can you find a plate of NASI GORENG with a whole piece of friend CHICKEN THIGH for just RM 8! and it is TASTY!!!

okay..I need to get back to do my assignments. Busy weeks ahead. 2 more weeks at least! Okay!! good luck to all of us!! and my friend in PR! few more days to go guys to the EVENT! I hope it will be awesome! Oh! To my other readers. there is an event coming this 11.11.11- FASHIONOLOGY. Organized by the Diploma in Communication Semester 4 PR students, it is an event where they fuse Fashion with Technology. I don't know how they do it but we will have to wait until they day itself. There will be fashion show, performances by artists like Nadhira, Panic crew, SonaOne and more. It is an event not to be missed. Here is the link to their FACEBOOK page :

The price is RM 50.00 and the venue will be near the lake. If you have nothing to do on that day, please come and support this event. All money from ticket sales will proceed to CHARITY in conjunction with WORLD FOOD DAY. There will be goodie bags too! and many other gifts!
If you would like to learn more on how to get tickets! visit their Facebook page larh or contact any of their committee members!!! Haha.. Or you can let me know also and I will help you get one from them!

now some photo sharing!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

You have to continue...LIFE

It has been 2 weeks since my mother got burnt by flames from a leaking gas at home. Since then, I have not used the gas stove to cook. But I still have to cook though..when my mum is in the hospital, I have been eating outside food..I'm growing sick of it.

I cooked..but not using the stove but the multi-purpose cooker my mum bought. What to do if you still have to phobia. I'm not the victim but I'm still afraid of stepping in to the kitchen. Well, I can't be staying away forever right? The first day was scary, and I noticed that it slowly improved over the days.

My mum has been discharged since the friday 2 weeks ago. It has been tough for me. My mother initially couldn't walk or stand too long. But she is improving. This incident definitely left a scar in my life. I have no mood to study. My dad asked whether it has affected me. Well, I lied about it. I'm weak. I never do good when it comes to emotion and family matters. However, its getting  better now.

My mother has start working again, SLOWLY. Doc has given her MC till 14 Nov but she said she couldn't stand sitting at home everyday so she went back to work on Friday, half day.

You have to continue life, don't you?

Every time i see her leg, so red and the skin falling off. You can imagine that horrifying situation. Sometimes it hurts to see but I can't do anything but help her get better by doing things that could help.

Rain is getting worse day by day. It was so heavy yesterday I could hardly see the road when I was driving. So be careful guys. and TAKE CARE

Here are some photos to share.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

the Experience, her Phobia

It's been a long week and everything I usually do makes no sense to me at all.

Let me warn you that this post might be long. So if you don't feel like reading, you can close this tab now
So here is the story
I didn't feel like going to class..but I have to and in the end I spent most of that duration day dreaming. Most of time, too, I feel like not coming to class at all. Well, it's my problem why I'm like this. Maybe for what I have experience days before that made me lose interest in most of my things that I do.
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who wished my mother well and came to visit my mother at the hospital. A million thanks to the nurses too who took care of my mother when both my dad and I weren't there at night.

I came back that Friday after a video shoot at the university with my friends. I went up to put my things, changed into my really, i mean REALLY short pants and went down to the kitchen. I remember telling my mother "mm~~~ very nice smell, what are you cooking for dinner arh???" and then I went out to the dining room to play with my dog. Just a few minutes later I hear my mum turning on the fire on the stove and BOOM.. not like the sound of the BOMB just like wind and BOOM..I can't explain it. Seconds later she came out of the kitchen shouting, " FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!" I could see smoke coming out of her hair and shirt. Without thinking, I took her straight to the clinic and the doctor there gave her some cream and then I drove her to SUNWAY medical centre. Please note that I stay in Shah Alam and that hospital is behind Sunway Pyramid. My mother is screaming in pain and I drove like mad there. and there is this FREAKING jam at the highway and in front of the hospital. I keep flashing lights at the car but it wouldn't move. What can I do. Eventually we reached the Emergency wad and she was immediately taken in as E&A. I didn't cry until I went to park my car and called him to talk about what happened. Well, I admit that I'm an emotional person.

 It's been a long night and I waited till around 10pm to go home. I was shaking as I drove home. I felt very tired from the crying and worrying.

It was hard the first few days as she was on drip and she could hardly walk to the toilet and I have to help her with everything, including bathing.

Days later, it reminded me of an incident that happened to one of the artist called Selina from S.H.E. They were my favorite and I tell you I was kinda devastated when she was hurt in an incident that left her burnt. Same as my mother but she was worse. At that time, I didn't know how did her friends and family feel, seeing her in that condition and feel sorry for her. Well, I know that feeling now. It's scary and hurting at the same time. Especially if she was your mother.

When she was in the hospital, she told me she dare not cook anymore, with a gas stove. She had this phobia after that incident. Now, what had happened to her make me scared of using that gas stove too. Lucky we had and multi-purpose cooker but then, I'm still worried.

She was discharged from the hospital on Friday. I took her to the hospital yesterday to do the dressing. This was the first time I see the wounds under the dressings. Some were bleeding and she was in pain when they took out the old dressing. I was worried for her. She couldn't walk after that because of the pain and I had to get the wheelchair to push her downstairs.

Tuesday is her next appointment and I hope she gets better and better....She is still on  medical leave until 14 nov...but I hope she rest well.

Mum, please get well soon. Love you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frustrated to the MAX

We started our shooting today. First thing that happened was I am tired. Second thing that happened was...the camera was not functioning properly....In the end I call Ah Bea to find out what's the problem. Apparently she said it could be the SD card problem being not able to support FULL HD videos because it is only CLASS 4 and I need a CLASS I hope it's a SD card problem and not the camera problem.

So we bare with it for today. Asked him to buy a CLASS 10 for me..thank you dear^^

SO i hope it works la..

The third thing that happened is people who are suppose to attend a discussion at 9pm didn't turn up. No reason prior to that and I am not Happy. I do respect each of you. But damn, can you guys be more responsible a bit. If you can't make it by 9pm, you have my number, you saw me during class, please tell me. Don't tell me you FORGET. It is just an excuse I won't accept.

Photo sharing time

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pulut Hitam

Mom cooked Pulut Hitam for me today.
I have been bugging her to cook it for me since last week! It's nice! But it's kinda sweet.
Thanks mom!!!

Here are some pictures to share

Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Week.

I need to be fast on this one as I need to continue with my studies for tomorrow's mid term. SO many things to do in my mind right now and I guess my whole week will be like zombie because many assignments are due and most of them I have not even start a word.

Probably it's stress and I am going towards food to release the stress..NOT GOOD!! Even my friends says I am fatter compared to last time. But how can you resist such delicious food!!! Well, I am trying my very best^^

Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday helping my mum to cook. This is fish patty (sort of) it's easy to do..I use ikan tenggiri..potato..some curry leaves chilli, spring onion and some seasoning and pan fry. Easy.. But my hand ended up fishy after that.

Argh..these pictures make me hungry. Another thing, I went out on Sunday to buy some books and shoes. The high heels was for my interview and my hand got itchy so I have to buy a few books!!><

That's all for now. Good luck to all my friends, and also myself for the MPP mid-term tomorrow. I hope it goes smoothly.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The past-my family

Speaking about my family's past. I practically know nothing. Well, I know some from the words spoken by my parents and my relatives. 
I never get to meet my grandparents from my father's side. They both passed away before I was even born to this world. I feel bad sometimes because of it. Never get to know them or talk to them. My father told me my grandfather was a photographer and he took photographs for the royalty in Perak. I can't make sure of that though.. But my dad gave me my grandfather's tripod while he was cleaning up the store room. It's old. It is basically antique! Awesome though.. I have an antique in my room!! Haha

and that is what I know about him. I wonder what will it be like if he is still around. But you know, everything has an "expiry date". Means things, even human won't live forever.

Live your life to your fullest! And appreciate what is in front of you. Peace^^

Friday, September 2, 2011

It has been quite some time

It's been some time since I updated my blog. Actually it was laziness that cause this. If not because I have nothing to do right now..I have no choice but to write something here to let the time pass.
What is going on with the internet connection today. So slow!!!

Well, let's talk about something else.
My semester 4 started 1 month ago. Guess what? I am so busy. I thought I could juggle between a part time job (editing video) and assignments. I guess I was wrong. Hmm..
I am having my midterm/ Hari Raya/ Hari Merdeka holidays right now like most of the students.
Other than doing assignments, all I did was watch, read, sleep. You can say that I am a lazy person. Haha

I went to Bookfest the other day at KLCC. It's big but not that big as I thought it will. Maybe it's too big. But I can't seem to find the books that I like. So I just bought a book about THE KING'S SPEECH. Haven't read it though. And, I also bought Hebe Tian's DVD of her music event for her 1st Album.

You can say that I am a fan of her music. She just released her 2nd album today. Awesome. I want it!! but..hmm..maybe when I have the money.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Terms and conditions apply

I haven't been blogging for a while. Reasons will be I am not in the mood or I am busy with some things.
Before I continue writing, please note that if you have not watch the HARRY POTTER 7 Part 2, I suggest you skip the writing part as it may contain spoilers!haha

So I went to watch Harry Potter last Sunday with my family. ^^ Thank goodness I bought the tickets online the day they open for reservation (3days before the show) at 12 am. Okay..I am kiasu.. But when I checked the tickets again the next day, Half of the hall is already sold off.

It was a FULL HOUSE that day. Sunday, what else can you expect? and Harry Potter's movie has been a favorite to  most of us. I grow up with that story. Well, did you? 10 years later if they remake that movie. I will be proud to say that I watch that movie 20 years ago when I was still a kid and I wished I was one of the Hogwarts student. Magic. It is beautiful (depends how you interpret it, mine is).

Most of us would also wish that there will be another story that talks about Harry Potter's son. His name? Albus Severus Potter. Named after 2 great principles of Hogwarts School. Well, that's up to J.K Rowling to decide, right? 

When I watched the live telecast on Youtube the other day for the Harry Potter 7 red carpet and premier from London. Well, I feel touched. Not till the extent where tears are flowing from my eyes. No. Just a twitch in my nose. 10 years has passed. and we basically saw how Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermoine Granger grow up from a kid to a young adult. Well, all thanks to J.K for the idea she got while she was in a train!!

1 part that I feel touched the most in the whole movie is when Harry Potter saw the true story behind Severus Snape. All the truth came up to the surface at last. All the questions we had throughout the whole series now become clear. Why he killed Dumbledore. Why he allied with the one who-shall-not-be named.

A lot of characters died in the last series. Harry died. Because he had to. He is the Hocrux that Lord Voldermort didn't intend to make.

Okay. Enough of the spoilers. However, I would still watch that movie again if I had the chance!!

Next thing, pictures to share. Went to Putrajaya on Sunday with him and his colleague. Took pictures. I am not good in them at all. They are the pros.  There was this Floral show happening in Putrajaya and they have boats decorated with lights and flowers. At around 11pm, they have a Fireworks display. Caught some pictures. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have been having weird dreams lately. I think it has something to do with my fear and memories...and the person I love..and someone that I hate for the rest of my life..

Don't question me why I hate that person. It's just someone who I don't want to see and I haven't seen that person for almost 2 years now after that stupid incident that person accuse me for.

okok..enough with the I hate that person part.

Weather is kinda hot lately. Really very hot!!!

I really wish there is tons of ice cream and chocolates for me to eat!'s fattening. I am getting addicted to junk food recently too.Hmm..not healthy!!!!

Mood not good too!!!! Mum..stop's annoying. There is a reason I don't move my stuffs ok.
Why do you always have to spoil my mood when I want to show u something funny. Well, thanks for making my day!!haha

that's all for now.

Monday, June 27, 2011


 Wake up to the alarm from my phone. 9a.m.  It's raining outside , it's cold outside, but my room is very hot. Probably because I close my door and my windows...and my room doesn't have air conditioning!

Seriously, I am depressing at home right now. My schedule for a day would be
Wake up around 11 something,
Bath and then turn on laptop.
Watch movie while eating lunch.
Turn off laptop around 3 to 4 pm
Take a nap OR read a book OR watch TV
Mummy comes home around 6 something, so I probably will help with the house chores such as cooking or something
Eat dinner around 7something and then turn on my laptop again around 8stg to 9pm.
Watch some drama series until it's time to sleep. and that will be around 12am to 1am.

and this schedule repeats for the whole week for another 1  more month! My next semester will only start on Aug 1! I feel like banging my head on the wall sometimes because I feel so unproductive!!!!!I want to work!!!!!
I know..Talking won't bring any use if you can't act it out!

Just got a message..If everything goes right..I will work tomorrow!!!^^

Ate Snowflakes today with him at Sungei Wang this afternoon!!! Awesome!! but when I saw the picture he took of me, I look so pale!! ><

OKay..I think that is all for now!!^^

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am back!! It has been some time since I wrote my last blog post. I am still on my holidays and I should be updating my blog more often, but I wasn't. Haha..
I am LAZY, which in turn resulting in at not updating my blog that often.
But now, due to boredom, I decided to update it. On... SHOWDOWN 2011 Top 5 few days ago!!!
Their theme was MAGIC. and honestly, I didn't expect it to be that awesome!!!! Especially from Elecoldxhot!

(suddenly craving for a cheese cake! OH no..Fat..)

It was awesome to be on live show because you get to see the tv crews preparing for the show, how they clean the stage using cardboards to "chase" away those confetti..and the emcee mumbling on the speech he was about to say on camera, and of course parts where the camera didn't manage to show on tv (one angle of the pre-recording I saw they show on tv was 2 dancers that were posing and they missed the dancing part..hmm).
I was on the edge of whether to bring my camera that day. But in the end I brought it to the studio and I manage to shoot some photos as usual. Here are the photos.

okay..that's it for now..^^

Monday, June 13, 2011


Bought a new pair of shoe..All thanks to Ah Jack for buying me that pair of Converse from JB. I like it! Very Nice..and I mean it..haha
I saw a disgusting thing today. He stepped on a dead rat..and the dead rat was already squashed before and it has maggots inside. Ewwww!!!!

Finally I settled that PTPTN Loan agreement thing. I guess I wont be frustrated about anything regarding my school fees at the moment. But I need money. Damn. For what? A new computer, an Iphone 4 and clothes, go on holiday. I have to stop dreaming, because I know I won't be achieving those goals at the moment. Not within these few months. But maybe at the end of this year it may come true. Its a MAY. so it May won't come true either. I have to work hard, study hard!!! I have to and I need to.

Durians. Have been eating those everyday since Saturday when I came back from Kangkar seeing my aunt. However, we didn't get to see her but saw uncle instead and we end up buying durians from a seller a few doors away from his kopitiam^^

I miss those days when all cousins gather together during CNY at mummy's hometown.

Aunt is sick. I heard she is getting thinner and thinner...><
Everybody grows old, but is heartsickening to see her like this, and seeing her living condition.

okay..some photos to share^^

Monday, June 6, 2011

Losing my mind

Day 2 without mum at home and I am losing my freaking damn mind. I feel so stress right now. Afternoon was fun with the movie and stuffs. But coming home without my mum around makes me feel so suffering. I guess I should follow my mum to Singapore and let them feed themselves.

I am living with 2 guys who knows how to mess up but don't know how to clean. What am I going to do. I don't want to live in a mess, so I have to clean up.

Chapter 13 of BORN AT MIDNIGHT. wait. I guess I should stop for a while and I think I should grab something to eat. Once I stepped into the kitchen, I saw something small and brown on the floor with 2 long things on one end of it. SHIT, cockroach.

and I end up cleaning downstairs for almost half an hour.

Yes. I did not eat anything. Thats all for my dinner. haha. Air and water.

I feel so tired. and I am wondering if I should go to work tomorrow. In the end, I thought that since mum is not at home and dad is not feeling so well, might as well wait until wednesday when my mum is back.

You know guys have this thought of "I thought girls are responsible of taking care of the house chores, not us", not all of the guys but I think guys at my home do have this thought. (I thought all of us are equal????)

and I found a sweet wrapper on the table where my laptop is situated. Someone has been using my laptop and simply throwing the rubbish around. It ain't me. and for goodness sake, the rubbish bin is just 2 steps away. Lazy people. I think I should change the password of my account.

Today is the Chinese Dumpling Celebration. I miss mum's dumplings. She hasn't been making for a while. You know, all the hard work and stuffs. But anyway, I miss eating it.

I think that's all for my complaining today..heheeee...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Days are bored when I am at home. When the thought of still having 2 more months before my semester 4 starts, or should I say, before my sem break ends, I don't know whether should I feel happy, or sad. Happy because I still have 2 more months to rot at home but sad because it's gonna end soon.

If I had a choice, I won't be spending most of my time at home. I would rather go out. But, normally when you are outside, you will spend money. The petrol or the transportation already cost some money. You can't be cycling to the mall right? You will sweat like you just came out of the shower and you will get dirty dust particles on your face, and it's DAMN far.

My mum just went to Singapore this morning. I am already missing her now. Without her at home, it's like living with two useless assholes (sorry for the usage of words, not so happy today.hmm). I don't understand guys. I don't know about him but this two living at this house is almost useless. One got help, well sometimes. But the other is just messing up the living room and treating it like a rubbish bin. No, I will not wash the plates that he left there after he eaten the food in it or throwing the wrapper and packets of junk food he ate. He needs to know how to be responsible, and I hope he knows how. No matter what, I am not cleaning his leftovers! I don't care if the rat comes next to him or kiss him, it's his matter. People like him should learn from his mistakes, if not he will never learn, at all. Period.

Well, life is hard right. Life is never easy. Even sometimes, doing the easiest things can be so hard for some people. But with efforts, nothing is impossible.

I Love my Life. Sometimes, I do hate it because it doesn't go the way I want. But you can't do anything. If everything goes the way you want. Life would be boring, right not?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

another visit

Went to Showdown yesterday! Another epic performance by Elecoldxhot!!!! They are great. Somehow, I just noticed that no matter how good you perform, a mistake is a mistake. You are at risk of being eliminated.
Here are some of the photos