Saturday, December 17, 2011

The "real" reality

The working world is not what I have expected, at least, until few days ago only that I realize that this is the reality. The real, REAL world. I have been working straight for 13 days already, going out almost everyday for recce. It's not easy working in this line, but I like what that comes out later, the outcome, and knowing that all the sacrifices I did was worth it. Tiring...but still worth it..Well, I guess...hmm...

It's the third week into this internship and only 5 more weeks to go. Time flies fast, and I keep forgetting to update my logbook and I'm sitting here writing my blog. The good thing is I get to say what I want to say right here.

Today is Saturday...right? Even I can't differentiate what day is today since I have started to work. Great. Nice. Shit. Does this means I am a workaholic? Nah..I hope not.

Christmas is coming soon. I'm actually hoping that I will get a present. But if none, it's okay also. It's just a wish that I don't mind if it doesn't come true. The funny thing after you get older is, you don't really care anymore about some of the details that happens in life. Such as....birthday parties, or presents.....

Oh ya..and my results came out a few days ago.. It was the worst among the 4 sems. What else could I do, what is done, is done and you can't change anything. Life....ah...screw life.....I don't know what else I could say about it. I'm single and free now. I will do what I like to do and I don't care what you say or think..But that doesn't mean I can't think properly for my future. and I thought you knew me. Disappointing, really disappointing.........

Those words you wrote there, just made my heart sank even more. My mood today was like under the well, couldn't find houses ....and got scolding from my mum for scratching the car.............SCREW it......SCREW everything. I just want to go home and sleep..........and cry.......whatever a girl will do........

I guess....that is all I want to say for now.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet addiction

My cousin sisters came over last night to my house to visit my mother. My mum has gotten better but needs further care. When they came, they brought us cakes from RT pastry. RT pastry's cakes are nice. I have tried it before and I liked it a lot. 

Here are some of the pictures I took for the Tiramisu that they bought. TASTY~~~

I always loved desserts. I would survive with just eating desserts. But, I should control the intake. If not, it would be deadly: diabetes...( A lot of my relatives have it)

First week of my internship wasn't that bad except, it was lifeless. Maybe, for now. I wished that there are projects coming in so we can be busy again, and not just sitting there do nothing. SO LIFELESS.

Maybe I have gotten used to being busy that I can't get used being free and do nothing.

Let's just hope the busyness will come to us starting tomorrow. That's all for now that I would like to update about. SAYONARA^^