Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I guess...I grew up?

Things have been odd lately. I feel not myself? Like my previous post. People change..probably me? I grew up.

I'm single for more than a year now. I have never been single for that long. Can't remember though. Probably that long relationship I had with someone last time made me forget about a lot of things. They say love makes  you blind, I was indeed blind..

People get lonely at times, I do feel that too. But one thing good about being single don't have to worry about that special someone, worrying that he might not love you, worrying that he might be angry at you or any of his feelings. Plus, you won't worry that the feeling will fade, cause there is none.

But liking someone is a privilege, a happiness, brings miserable, sadness and hatred too. Yes. hatred.

Feelings can be complicated.
Feelings can be simple too.
It's just how you look at it.
how you feel about it.

Recently I could open up to him again.
laugh, smile, joke around? probably got open minded already? or probably i just don't want to care anymore. probably in my  mind would be. "Anything....It doesn't matter anyway"
and the fact I need to get my camera back. He just wasted 20 minutes of my free talk time talking on the phone.

One thing about getting used to things is. Once you start doing the same thing every day, it becomes a habit.

Skipping to tomorrow's schedule. We are going on a journey to take photographs. Thanks to photography which I like to say ...I KINDA SUCK AT IT. yes yes...i admit. i really do suck at photography. someone must be laughing at me right now. he must be saying : PHOTOGRAPHY IS SO EASY. yup..easy to you..NOT ME.. continue laughing.. I know you read LAUGH! haha..

Wish me luck! and hoping for a beautiful clear blue sky weather tomorrow please~~~~ Thank you!!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finally, I could breathe

It's been a CRAZY week. The stress came all at once. Terrifying. No. It's more like taking your life away from you. I don't know why but I feel like for the last 2 weeks, a lot of energy have been drained away from me. First, the food poisoning. It was awful. Second, the 2 assignments that have been killing me inside out. Third, that awful results that I never thought it would actually happen to all of us.

Anyway, it's all over. For now at least. Finals is coming in 3 weeks and I have anther assignment due - Photography. Hmm. All the best to me and all of us then?

Actually nothing special happened recently, so I guess that is the reason why I haven't been updating my blog as frequent as I do in the past. People change, I guess so do I. And I think I just changed into a person who doesn't like to blog as often as I do? Suddenly I remembered something from Merlin. Gauis asked him: what happened to the boy who first came in 2 years ago? Merlin: the boy changed, he grew up.

Speaking of growing up, it has been half a year since I became 20 years old. ( no more 1 in front..haha!><)
Yes, and I did grow up. and I came to know to that ..sometimes..reality are not what it seems. It may be perfect on the outside and pleasant to your eyes and ears, but the truth is, it never was. Lies.hatred. Betrayal. Reality is never perfect. Well, that is what I think for now.

So... Monday. hopefully I get to relax myself with the movies! Can't wait. Like I said to Michelle and Peng: I need CLOSURE! haha..don't laugh. it's the truth. I have been waiting to watch breaking dawn: part 2. Can't wait to see what the movie will be like after reading the book 2 years ago. And I don't like to miss out the ending.

I guess...that's all for now! Happy happy!^^