Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Speaking of movies
there are many movies these days that capture my eyes ( means I would like to fly to the cinema to watch it)
I couldn't
transportation problem la~

Few weeks ago..I guess 2 weeks ago
Me and my friends went to watch The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

It was not bad actually!
Compared to the first and second movie (in my opinion)
because the first and second movie was kinda.
boring for me..compared to the books!!!

Well,  this time
it made me want to watch the second time..I guess because this time the movie has more comedy into it other than just romance between Edward and Bella because there was another competitor to get Bella, Jacob-loh~

It was kinda funny in some should watch it to get what I mean

There are a few movies that are screening now or coming soon that I wanna watch(hopefully I get to^^)

They are Despicable Me
The Sorcerer's Apprentice

and The Last Airbender 


and here is a video clip of the trailer of the Last Airbender

this movie is coming soon!!!
Don't miss it^^

Enjoy it!!!!

nice day today

Even though today's morning is cold and freezing for me (nope! not because of the air-cond, my house doesn't have one), it!
My holidays have been so sleepy..
I have nothing else to do like I said in my previous blogs...
I am alone in my house, my parents are off to work and my brothers has school!
I miss school very much, my secondary school.
It used to be my second home..!
My friends are there..
Teachers are there..
those people are the people closest to you!!
I mean: since you spend most of the time in school than in your home

I guess I have to use my holidays to sleep as much as I can
because as a college student now
you won't know how long you can sleep each day
especially after you know how many assignments you have to get it done
and their due dates are around the same time
ah...thats when you enter HELL

And how was my today?
It's just fine..
I think><"'

Guess what?
my chest pain on the right is getting worse 
and when I went to the sundry shop near my house using a bicycle
My bicycle got stuck half way home and I have to carry and push and pull...
Used all my strength to get it back

Luckily the 2 security guards who work at my housing area was so kind enough they helped me with the chains and all those stuffs
But I can't cycle it..
only can push it
thats my luck for today-lah..haha

I took 2 pictures during the afternoon.
I was bored!!
here it is>>>
I use my phone camera^^

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My results

My Results is out..
Guess what?
I did quite good...
3As and 2A-
not bad for a 1st Sem-er eh?

I have nothing else to say about it actually
But my holidays has been killing me badly
Really badly!!!!

You know why?
because my laptop's hard disk is spoiled and I can't use it
I have ntg else to do than staring in front of this computer writing my blog and just nothing else...

I have 1 more week before this holidays ends..
But I dunno why I really hope it to end asap
Maybe because of all this boredom...
Let me share some of the pics i took for my friend and myself that I used in my portfolio in my last sem
I know my photo editing is still not that good

I wanna share with you all^^

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cinderella's Stepsister

I have been watching Korean Movies lately...I mean just one..haha..which is Cinderella's Stepsister
It is a modern story mostly about the girl name En Juh...and her life in the new family and  the 101th father her mother met who is the head of a wine factory, what happened there..and story is involve in it...especially between the 2 sisters..
Every episodes to me, touches your heart..Probably is because of the sound tracks + the meaningful script + the actors and actresses crying
I don't know..But somehow, I find this movie meaningful to me...
It teaches you some moral love among your siblings,etc.
I cried every time I see their father..and the way En Juh finally called her father "ah ba" in the episode after her father passed away due to a heart attack..not to say I am an emotional person..But definitely..It hurts when you see someone like that..
Another part is when the son, named "Jun Xiu" got lost..and when found, told the story that he was playing with his passed away father and what his father told touching...
And the most touching part for me is the last part of the last episode when the 2 sisters hugged each other and cried in front of their father picture..and..their father was there..touching both of their hands..smiling^^
I also like the soundtracks in this series...especially the instrumentals one..One of them is Minor Walts..
here is the link for the video in youtube

If you like meaningful series no matter what language, I recommend you to watch this..It is nice and I will rate 5 stars to it^^