Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day in 2010

THis is my last post for 2010!
Let's say bye bye to 2010 and say hello to 2011! I hope it will be a great year for me, my family and my friends!!

THere are many things that happened this year~ for me!
Results out...satisfied! okay
Went to work for 3 months..met a lot of cool customers~the angry, the happy the sad, the special~
Got into college, now! new friends~
Ended semester holiday-ing~ wohoo...

Somehow~ I just love my life! IF! you look at the bright side.. I like the way it is now!
But sometimes bad luck just come to you!
I don't want to talk about it and I hope bad luck does not come to me next year!

My mum bought a LED TV today!
I never ever thought she would buy it..
All we want is a big and a current TV like the LCD series or something..and we saw that Harvey Norman did a promotion on Samsung LED which the normal price was 4999 and it reduced to 2999..worth the catch for 40"!

Anyone going for a countdown today~ I wish you guys be careful ya~
 and JIA LENG~ Hope you enjoy your flight!!!hehe...
hope you come back soon o!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


No name~
Just feel like writing something here
Time has been passing quite slow recently.
Maybe it is because I want this holiday to end as fast as it possibly can!
But the more we want it to go away faster~ The slower it becomes~ DAMN!!!

My 3rd semester officially starts on the 10th of January~
I can't wait for it to start because I am tired staying at home staring at my laptop everyday, even though I can do a lot of things at home (eg. do the chores, my mother said)

2 more weeks to go
but it seems so long!
I wonder why?

I have been sleeping late recently..sleeping at 2am waking up at 12pm..
I look like I am living in a different world. ( my mum sleeps at 10 pm wakes up at 4am-5am)
Ya, I know it is bad for health sleeping late
but still, many of us do it!

*thinking thinking thinking*

Now...after a week back from Singapore~
I feel like a new person!
I don't know why..
It feels like..erm...I can't really remember what happened before I came to Singapore~

I really missed my nieces and nephews there! I hope the 3 of them are enjoying themselves with my cousins at Korea~

Do you guys really believe in dreams come true?
sometimes dreaming gives me the fright!
Not because it does come true, 
but sometimes it feels so true when I dream it! 
I can feel the pain
the sadness
the happiness..and whatsoever..
It is freaky
sometimes I also remember it!
and I can't get it out of my head until a few days later
I guess thats what people call- Bad dream

Merry Christmas!!!

I know! It is a bit too late for this post as Christmas ended yesterday..

Anyway....Merry Christmas!!!

My Christmas was awesome this year!
Unforgettable ~
because the Christmas eve was awesome as me, him and friends went to Station One in Bukit Tinggi, Klang for the countdown!! I kept laughing non-stop while playing heart-attack!!

and then Christmas came~
Relatives came over to have a sort of reunion dinner! Guess what I had~ Steamboat with stuffs bought from Singapore~ Ready made Tang Yuan from Singapore~ Chocolates from Singapore~~~~
and my relatives all wonder~ Which stuffs are not bought from Singapore~~

Had a awesome time!!! Really~

But I gained weight!!! When I see the photos taken that day....I hardly can accept it...why my face so round!!! It must have been because I have eaten too much while I was in Singapore~
Now..I have to cut down!!!! My jeans are also tighter already~

Thats all for now!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


星期一...下雨 天...




我心想: 算了吧!





Monday, December 20, 2010

Singapore- Day 4 & Day 5

Okay..So DAY 4

We woke up quite late that day because all of us was very tired after spending the whole day at Universal Studio

My mum decided to go to Bugis street so all of us including my cousin and her kids took MRT from Jurong point to Bugis! The MRT was fast but it took quite a long time to reach there!

We reached there around 12 pm and we went to the hawker stalls to have lunch!

After that, we went to a temple nearby to pray and we started shopping! Man, it is like Sungai Wang there. Things there are very cheap!!!!

My mum bought a handbag for $10 and 4 purses for $10 (actually is buy 3 free 1) ! It is worth the price!!!

I bought some clothes there too!!

We walked until 4pm something and my leg start to give way..I can't take it anymore...I have been walking and standing the whole day!! I guess I am weak..Even Darren starts complaining and wanting to go home. SO we decided to do so. But, before we went back. We stopped by at McDonalds to have a rest. I ordered the McFlurry while others odered ice-cream and drinks!!


It was Saturday! and we decided to pay my aunt and uncle a visit! After that, we went to Orchard Road. On the way there, we passed through Marina Bay and I saw the flyer!! But too bad didn't get to go up !!

 and the sky was dark. It is gonna rain heavily and I was right!! It did rain!!!
We went to Takashimaya at Orchard road where my cousin bought us some chocolates from Royce!! She told me that this shop's chocolate is very nice!! I have to believe her as 1 box of that chocolate cost around $15

and there, you can go to the ION, which is another shopping mall where can find all the branded goods such as PRADA, DIOR, BURBERRY, GUCCI and many more (you have to line up to enter the shop!!haha)

Nice experience though....haha

So, Day 5 was practically the last day in Singapore as we headed back to MALAYSIA the next day!!! I surely miss my cousins and their kids!!! Love them very much!!!

Dears, I will be back visiting you guys soon..Don't worry!!! Love ya~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Singapore- Day 3

Wohoo!!! Day 3 is gonna be awesome!!! Why? Because we went to Universal Studio!!!!

One word to describe!! F-U-N!!!!!!
 Luckily my cousin bought the ticket the other day ! Tickets for that day were all sold out!!!!

Oh my!!! There were lots of people there and it was hard to go for rides as you need to line up!!!

I love the Shrek 4D movie!!! There are some parts you need to be aware of because they might be something under your leg!! Fun and freezing inside!!!

The waterworld was fun too!!! All the BING BIAnG BONG BUNG!!!!!! AWESOME!!!hahahahaha

At night, we went to Carnivore to eat. It is a buffet style where the meat keeps coming and coming and coming ....non- stop!!!!

Not gonna talk much! Here are some picture to share!!!

 Waterworld performance ( If you don't want to get wet, sit at the back!!)

 Far Far Away!!!
Revenge of the Mummy 
 Souvenir shop
 New York
 Bottles from Universal Studio bought by my cousin!! Thank you!!!
 Its already 7pm and there is still many people inside..

OK...there is still day4 and day5...wait for my post!!!!

Singapore- Day 2

Sorry for the late blog post for my trip..The internet connection was slow at my cousin's house!

So..Day 2

The weather was nice that day!! The sky is blue in the morning and it is a perfect day for a walk outside!!

 My cousin took us to Jurong Point by sitting the double decker bus. It was fun sitting on the second floor of the bus and the front sit of it!! Nice view too!!

Actually it is very easy to get around Singapore using the public transportation. Bus stops are everywhere and MRT is almost everywhere too!!

So we ended up at Jurong Point to do some shopping and walking. The kids wanted to take us to decorate a cake so we followed them!!
Look what we did to our cake!! It was fun!!!! ahahahah...I wish Malaysia have one shop like this too!! It is so COOL!!!!!

Oh!! and the Christmas decoration was nice too!!! I love the angel!!!

During the night.. Oh GOsh!!! My cousin took us to a seafood restaurant!!!!

and all the seafood there were half price!!!!

I was fed with things like oyster, abalone, crabs, bamboo the end of the day....we all couldn't take it!!!!

SO much!!!!

Thats all for day 2!!!! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Singapore- Day 1

I woke up very early in the morning which is around 5.30 am to get ready to leave home for Singapore with my family.. The journey is tiring!!!! Can't imagine myself sitting between 2 people at the back of the car... Other than that, the journey is long!!! from 7am to 1pm..Ah!!!!!

When we reached Singapore, we had lunch at my cousin's place~ The food was awesomely nice~
Then we went to the Science Centre to enjoy the science in our life~

Oh ! and we went to the CSI : The Experience! TOok some pictures there as well

After we went there to play some of the "toys" at the Science Centre, we went to eat a Japanese Buffet at a sports recreational centre !  Nice food there!!! But as you guys know, buffet dinner means you can eat as much as you want! Therefore, I almost vomitted because of forcing myself to finish the food the kids gave us >< I mean my nephews and nieces! I love them! They are so cute!!
Here are some of the pics of food I ate!

and here are the pics of my dear Nephews and Nieces!!!!!

Okay..that's all for today..I need some rest now! Good night peeps!!!