Thursday, August 15, 2013

the SUN the WAVES and the STARS

The sun shone so bright that I couldn't even open my eyes. Glaring. But you could feel the wind coming in from the waves crashing the shore. It was nice. We were finally there, Pantai Tengah, Langkawi., the first thing we did once we landed and checked into our hotel in Langkawi.

It was 3 years since I came here and my third time being here. I was quite surprise I could remember the area around Pantai Cenang a bit such as where the restaurant was, the mart and the beach.

The weather was a bit unpredictable. It was sunny when we reached there on our first day. We could hardly open our eyes and we needed our sunglasses on.

Anyway.we did had a quite enjoying first day. We managed to get ourselves digging into our awesome dinner with seafood and we also went into town - Kuah to buy some chocolates and liquor. Langkawi is one of the tax free places in Malaysia and as awesome as it is, you don't have to pay tax for anything you buy, that includes McDonald's.

We were lucky that our hotel was just along Pantai Cenang road and right opposite to the Underwater world and McDonald's. It was very convenient.  ^^

Like I said, the weather was very unpredictable, on our second morning (around 4am - 5am) I could hear thunder and wind and rain from our room. It didn't stop until around 11am when we went for island hopping.  The good thing is that it stopped, the bad thing is the waves were rough. We were screaming like crazy as the uncle drove us down the sea, literally island hopping, we were hopping all the way through. Rough, crazy but fun! we had an awesome time ^^

And at night, we went drinking at the beach. You could see the stars in the sky. So beautiful. also you could hear the waves crashing. It was a nice experience. You could just fall asleep listening to the waves. but, its dangerous sleeping by the beach as the tide rose quite fast that night.

steady hands the uncle have. =)

The third day. Well, it's sunny and hot again like crazy in the morning.  We checked out of the hotel and head towards Gunung Manchinchang for the cable car. Too bad the skybridge was close though. the fun thing was we get to eat ice cream 700m above sea level. However, the weather, as unpredictable as it could be, was so cloudy and misty up there. After that, we head towards the Black Sand Beach. The beach was really black in color due to the components they had that occur naturally. Before heading back to the airport, we head into Kuah again to have our awesome Thai dinner and I bought more chocolates ^^

Here are some pictures.

It's been so long since I write a post on my blog. So, I guess my trip is a nice story to share with you guys~