Sunday, November 13, 2011

A short one

Wanted to update a short post for my blog..not a long one..
coz..Tomorrow is presentation day..Awful..i know..

Yea..I am single but no..I m not available..haha..odd combination.but yea..Too many things happening lately..I just need a break..

Fashionology was awesome guys! I'm proud of you! Even though there are glitches here and there. But I have to say, it is not easy to pull it off. And you guys did it! Proud of you guys...haha

okay..SPM students! GOOD luck for tmrw's paper! BM right?
 I know..You guys have to pass if not you won't get that cert. But don't worry. Just try your best! I wish you guys all the best.and also to my ASSHOLE bro..I hate you..but I want you to pass that exam..haha..

To STPM students! Good luck to you all too! Exam in another 7 more day right?
 I wish you all the best too!!! Hope you guys will Ace all of it smoothly..!

Okay.time to sleep..Blasted enough music d...GOOD NIGHT!!

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