Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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I haven't been blogging for a while. Reasons will be I am not in the mood or I am busy with some things.
Before I continue writing, please note that if you have not watch the HARRY POTTER 7 Part 2, I suggest you skip the writing part as it may contain spoilers!haha

So I went to watch Harry Potter last Sunday with my family. ^^ Thank goodness I bought the tickets online the day they open for reservation (3days before the show) at 12 am. Okay..I am kiasu.. But when I checked the tickets again the next day, Half of the hall is already sold off.

It was a FULL HOUSE that day. Sunday, what else can you expect? and Harry Potter's movie has been a favorite to  most of us. I grow up with that story. Well, did you? 10 years later if they remake that movie. I will be proud to say that I watch that movie 20 years ago when I was still a kid and I wished I was one of the Hogwarts student. Magic. It is beautiful (depends how you interpret it, mine is).

Most of us would also wish that there will be another story that talks about Harry Potter's son. His name? Albus Severus Potter. Named after 2 great principles of Hogwarts School. Well, that's up to J.K Rowling to decide, right? 

When I watched the live telecast on Youtube the other day for the Harry Potter 7 red carpet and premier from London. Well, I feel touched. Not till the extent where tears are flowing from my eyes. No. Just a twitch in my nose. 10 years has passed. and we basically saw how Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermoine Granger grow up from a kid to a young adult. Well, all thanks to J.K for the idea she got while she was in a train!!

1 part that I feel touched the most in the whole movie is when Harry Potter saw the true story behind Severus Snape. All the truth came up to the surface at last. All the questions we had throughout the whole series now become clear. Why he killed Dumbledore. Why he allied with the one who-shall-not-be named.

A lot of characters died in the last series. Harry died. Because he had to. He is the Hocrux that Lord Voldermort didn't intend to make.

Okay. Enough of the spoilers. However, I would still watch that movie again if I had the chance!!

Next thing, pictures to share. Went to Putrajaya on Sunday with him and his colleague. Took pictures. I am not good in them at all. They are the pros.  There was this Floral show happening in Putrajaya and they have boats decorated with lights and flowers. At around 11pm, they have a Fireworks display. Caught some pictures. 


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