Monday, June 6, 2011

Losing my mind

Day 2 without mum at home and I am losing my freaking damn mind. I feel so stress right now. Afternoon was fun with the movie and stuffs. But coming home without my mum around makes me feel so suffering. I guess I should follow my mum to Singapore and let them feed themselves.

I am living with 2 guys who knows how to mess up but don't know how to clean. What am I going to do. I don't want to live in a mess, so I have to clean up.

Chapter 13 of BORN AT MIDNIGHT. wait. I guess I should stop for a while and I think I should grab something to eat. Once I stepped into the kitchen, I saw something small and brown on the floor with 2 long things on one end of it. SHIT, cockroach.

and I end up cleaning downstairs for almost half an hour.

Yes. I did not eat anything. Thats all for my dinner. haha. Air and water.

I feel so tired. and I am wondering if I should go to work tomorrow. In the end, I thought that since mum is not at home and dad is not feeling so well, might as well wait until wednesday when my mum is back.

You know guys have this thought of "I thought girls are responsible of taking care of the house chores, not us", not all of the guys but I think guys at my home do have this thought. (I thought all of us are equal????)

and I found a sweet wrapper on the table where my laptop is situated. Someone has been using my laptop and simply throwing the rubbish around. It ain't me. and for goodness sake, the rubbish bin is just 2 steps away. Lazy people. I think I should change the password of my account.

Today is the Chinese Dumpling Celebration. I miss mum's dumplings. She hasn't been making for a while. You know, all the hard work and stuffs. But anyway, I miss eating it.

I think that's all for my complaining today..heheeee...

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