Saturday, November 19, 2011

Need 1 second to breathe

I am suppose to be doing my study for my exam next week. It's never ending is it? I have just handed up my last assignment yesterday. I finally can least for a while. 

I had trouble sleeping last night. I didn't had my dinner because I wasn't feeling well. When I was starting to fall asleep, I feel myself floating and dizzy. It's SCARY I tell you, really scary!

I don't know what to say right now..hmm..let me think..

How is my life right now? Hectic.....Ya..I'm really getting used to this SINGLE but NOT AVAILABLE life. Ya..We all met a guy, he looked handsome, play the violin. and he looked like Wilber Pan. haha. He is the perfect guy in every girl's heart.  And it's kinda fun having a crush. I mean not falling IN LOVE with him. It is just utterly positively 100% admire. I admire this kind of ppl. To have the talent and good looks at the same time. It is purely admiration. Don't get me wrong><

And ya..I'm not going to be in a relationship. Not until I meet that 100% right guy one day. Which is, I think it will need to wait. Because I really LIKE this life! and I mean it!

OH ya.. Just uploaded a few of my videos.

A video about JOY

To kids, joy is simplicity, Simplicity is joy.. They never think much. Always a YES or NO. and they always live to the moment. Adults, however, when we grow up, things get more and more complex...even the meaning of JOY. 

Check this video out:

and also a montage me and my group did (PEDAS! Productions)
about crime drama. I did the editings..haha
The link here:

Please leave a comment or like the video. It will mean a lot. and it is needed so further improvement can be made.

GOOD LUCK to all of my friends who are all sitting for exam next week. No matter it is STPM or our FINALS... GOOD LUCK peeps! All the best! and also to myself..haha

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