Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frustrated to the MAX

We started our shooting today. First thing that happened was I am tired. Second thing that happened was...the camera was not functioning properly....In the end I call Ah Bea to find out what's the problem. Apparently she said it could be the SD card problem being not able to support FULL HD videos because it is only CLASS 4 and I need a CLASS I hope it's a SD card problem and not the camera problem.

So we bare with it for today. Asked him to buy a CLASS 10 for me..thank you dear^^

SO i hope it works la..

The third thing that happened is people who are suppose to attend a discussion at 9pm didn't turn up. No reason prior to that and I am not Happy. I do respect each of you. But damn, can you guys be more responsible a bit. If you can't make it by 9pm, you have my number, you saw me during class, please tell me. Don't tell me you FORGET. It is just an excuse I won't accept.

Photo sharing time

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