Saturday, September 3, 2011

The past-my family

Speaking about my family's past. I practically know nothing. Well, I know some from the words spoken by my parents and my relatives. 
I never get to meet my grandparents from my father's side. They both passed away before I was even born to this world. I feel bad sometimes because of it. Never get to know them or talk to them. My father told me my grandfather was a photographer and he took photographs for the royalty in Perak. I can't make sure of that though.. But my dad gave me my grandfather's tripod while he was cleaning up the store room. It's old. It is basically antique! Awesome though.. I have an antique in my room!! Haha

and that is what I know about him. I wonder what will it be like if he is still around. But you know, everything has an "expiry date". Means things, even human won't live forever.

Live your life to your fullest! And appreciate what is in front of you. Peace^^

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