Sunday, June 5, 2011


Days are bored when I am at home. When the thought of still having 2 more months before my semester 4 starts, or should I say, before my sem break ends, I don't know whether should I feel happy, or sad. Happy because I still have 2 more months to rot at home but sad because it's gonna end soon.

If I had a choice, I won't be spending most of my time at home. I would rather go out. But, normally when you are outside, you will spend money. The petrol or the transportation already cost some money. You can't be cycling to the mall right? You will sweat like you just came out of the shower and you will get dirty dust particles on your face, and it's DAMN far.

My mum just went to Singapore this morning. I am already missing her now. Without her at home, it's like living with two useless assholes (sorry for the usage of words, not so happy today.hmm). I don't understand guys. I don't know about him but this two living at this house is almost useless. One got help, well sometimes. But the other is just messing up the living room and treating it like a rubbish bin. No, I will not wash the plates that he left there after he eaten the food in it or throwing the wrapper and packets of junk food he ate. He needs to know how to be responsible, and I hope he knows how. No matter what, I am not cleaning his leftovers! I don't care if the rat comes next to him or kiss him, it's his matter. People like him should learn from his mistakes, if not he will never learn, at all. Period.

Well, life is hard right. Life is never easy. Even sometimes, doing the easiest things can be so hard for some people. But with efforts, nothing is impossible.

I Love my Life. Sometimes, I do hate it because it doesn't go the way I want. But you can't do anything. If everything goes the way you want. Life would be boring, right not?

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