Monday, June 13, 2011


Bought a new pair of shoe..All thanks to Ah Jack for buying me that pair of Converse from JB. I like it! Very Nice..and I mean it..haha
I saw a disgusting thing today. He stepped on a dead rat..and the dead rat was already squashed before and it has maggots inside. Ewwww!!!!

Finally I settled that PTPTN Loan agreement thing. I guess I wont be frustrated about anything regarding my school fees at the moment. But I need money. Damn. For what? A new computer, an Iphone 4 and clothes, go on holiday. I have to stop dreaming, because I know I won't be achieving those goals at the moment. Not within these few months. But maybe at the end of this year it may come true. Its a MAY. so it May won't come true either. I have to work hard, study hard!!! I have to and I need to.

Durians. Have been eating those everyday since Saturday when I came back from Kangkar seeing my aunt. However, we didn't get to see her but saw uncle instead and we end up buying durians from a seller a few doors away from his kopitiam^^

I miss those days when all cousins gather together during CNY at mummy's hometown.

Aunt is sick. I heard she is getting thinner and thinner...><
Everybody grows old, but is heartsickening to see her like this, and seeing her living condition.

okay..some photos to share^^