Saturday, November 5, 2011

FOod FoOd FOoD

Yesterday we did shooting at my house and pat's house. But before that, we went all food frenzy!
Old town for breakfast. Domino's at my house. and then we went to eat Snowflakes and after finish shooting the swimming part. We went to MAMAK for dinner! the MAMAK food was awesome. Where can you find a plate of NASI GORENG with a whole piece of friend CHICKEN THIGH for just RM 8! and it is TASTY!!!

okay..I need to get back to do my assignments. Busy weeks ahead. 2 more weeks at least! Okay!! good luck to all of us!! and my friend in PR! few more days to go guys to the EVENT! I hope it will be awesome! Oh! To my other readers. there is an event coming this 11.11.11- FASHIONOLOGY. Organized by the Diploma in Communication Semester 4 PR students, it is an event where they fuse Fashion with Technology. I don't know how they do it but we will have to wait until they day itself. There will be fashion show, performances by artists like Nadhira, Panic crew, SonaOne and more. It is an event not to be missed. Here is the link to their FACEBOOK page :

The price is RM 50.00 and the venue will be near the lake. If you have nothing to do on that day, please come and support this event. All money from ticket sales will proceed to CHARITY in conjunction with WORLD FOOD DAY. There will be goodie bags too! and many other gifts!
If you would like to learn more on how to get tickets! visit their Facebook page larh or contact any of their committee members!!! Haha.. Or you can let me know also and I will help you get one from them!

now some photo sharing!

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