Saturday, October 29, 2011

You have to continue...LIFE

It has been 2 weeks since my mother got burnt by flames from a leaking gas at home. Since then, I have not used the gas stove to cook. But I still have to cook though..when my mum is in the hospital, I have been eating outside food..I'm growing sick of it.

I cooked..but not using the stove but the multi-purpose cooker my mum bought. What to do if you still have to phobia. I'm not the victim but I'm still afraid of stepping in to the kitchen. Well, I can't be staying away forever right? The first day was scary, and I noticed that it slowly improved over the days.

My mum has been discharged since the friday 2 weeks ago. It has been tough for me. My mother initially couldn't walk or stand too long. But she is improving. This incident definitely left a scar in my life. I have no mood to study. My dad asked whether it has affected me. Well, I lied about it. I'm weak. I never do good when it comes to emotion and family matters. However, its getting  better now.

My mother has start working again, SLOWLY. Doc has given her MC till 14 Nov but she said she couldn't stand sitting at home everyday so she went back to work on Friday, half day.

You have to continue life, don't you?

Every time i see her leg, so red and the skin falling off. You can imagine that horrifying situation. Sometimes it hurts to see but I can't do anything but help her get better by doing things that could help.

Rain is getting worse day by day. It was so heavy yesterday I could hardly see the road when I was driving. So be careful guys. and TAKE CARE

Here are some photos to share.

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