Monday, June 27, 2011


 Wake up to the alarm from my phone. 9a.m.  It's raining outside , it's cold outside, but my room is very hot. Probably because I close my door and my windows...and my room doesn't have air conditioning!

Seriously, I am depressing at home right now. My schedule for a day would be
Wake up around 11 something,
Bath and then turn on laptop.
Watch movie while eating lunch.
Turn off laptop around 3 to 4 pm
Take a nap OR read a book OR watch TV
Mummy comes home around 6 something, so I probably will help with the house chores such as cooking or something
Eat dinner around 7something and then turn on my laptop again around 8stg to 9pm.
Watch some drama series until it's time to sleep. and that will be around 12am to 1am.

and this schedule repeats for the whole week for another 1  more month! My next semester will only start on Aug 1! I feel like banging my head on the wall sometimes because I feel so unproductive!!!!!I want to work!!!!!
I know..Talking won't bring any use if you can't act it out!

Just got a message..If everything goes right..I will work tomorrow!!!^^

Ate Snowflakes today with him at Sungei Wang this afternoon!!! Awesome!! but when I saw the picture he took of me, I look so pale!! ><

OKay..I think that is all for now!!^^

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