Sunday, December 26, 2010


No name~
Just feel like writing something here
Time has been passing quite slow recently.
Maybe it is because I want this holiday to end as fast as it possibly can!
But the more we want it to go away faster~ The slower it becomes~ DAMN!!!

My 3rd semester officially starts on the 10th of January~
I can't wait for it to start because I am tired staying at home staring at my laptop everyday, even though I can do a lot of things at home (eg. do the chores, my mother said)

2 more weeks to go
but it seems so long!
I wonder why?

I have been sleeping late recently..sleeping at 2am waking up at 12pm..
I look like I am living in a different world. ( my mum sleeps at 10 pm wakes up at 4am-5am)
Ya, I know it is bad for health sleeping late
but still, many of us do it!

*thinking thinking thinking*

Now...after a week back from Singapore~
I feel like a new person!
I don't know why..
It feels like..erm...I can't really remember what happened before I came to Singapore~

I really missed my nieces and nephews there! I hope the 3 of them are enjoying themselves with my cousins at Korea~

Do you guys really believe in dreams come true?
sometimes dreaming gives me the fright!
Not because it does come true, 
but sometimes it feels so true when I dream it! 
I can feel the pain
the sadness
the happiness..and whatsoever..
It is freaky
sometimes I also remember it!
and I can't get it out of my head until a few days later
I guess thats what people call- Bad dream

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