Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas is COMING!!!!

Oh ya~ Christmas is coming in around 13 more days!! Have you guys checked the Christmas decoration at the shopping malls near you??

Well, I checked Sunway Pyramid, Ikano, MidValley and 1 Utama .
To me, the best decoration goes to 1 Utama! It is so like Christmas over there!!! I reminds me of being in a English town where it is snowing (but there is no snow in 1 Utama), cold and smoke comes out from their roof ( I forgot what that thing is called) ..

I can say those people who are in charged of this project is so CREATIVE!!! I have never seen such decoration in Malaysia before!!


  1. the roof thing is called chimney~ haha...santa come down from there de mah... ><

  2. evon: ask ur bf take u there when he free lo..hehe

    Peng: I know..I just forgot how to i know! Is C-H-I-M-N-E-Y!!haha..thank you!!

  3. i couldn't even went to 1 U !!! u know why !! grrr.... I want to go there !!!!!!

  4. try go there la...take LRT then take bus go there..haha