Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Singapore- Day 1

I woke up very early in the morning which is around 5.30 am to get ready to leave home for Singapore with my family.. The journey is tiring!!!! Can't imagine myself sitting between 2 people at the back of the car... Other than that, the journey is long!!! from 7am to 1pm..Ah!!!!!

When we reached Singapore, we had lunch at my cousin's place~ The food was awesomely nice~
Then we went to the Science Centre to enjoy the science in our life~

Oh ! and we went to the CSI : The Experience! TOok some pictures there as well

After we went there to play some of the "toys" at the Science Centre, we went to eat a Japanese Buffet at a sports recreational centre !  Nice food there!!! But as you guys know, buffet dinner means you can eat as much as you want! Therefore, I almost vomitted because of forcing myself to finish the food the kids gave us >< I mean my nephews and nieces! I love them! They are so cute!!
Here are some of the pics of food I ate!

and here are the pics of my dear Nephews and Nieces!!!!!

Okay..that's all for today..I need some rest now! Good night peeps!!!

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