Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seriously Bored

I am Seriously Bored over here..
I am probably doing the same things everyday, over and over again

My stomach hurts again today..and I hate it..
When will my stomach ever function properly???

Counting down 5 more days to Singapore
Still far away I guess..
But I am looking forward visiting there..!!!

I have started reading a novel I just bought last week.
It is called CLOCKWORK ANGEL by Cassandra Clare..I just started the first chapter..
Not Bad actualy...

I know if the novel is nice if I am able to imagine the story like a movie in my mind and I somehow like it.
That was the same thing that happened when I read all Stephanie Meyers books and somehow will get unsatisfied with the movies later because somehow, our mind imagines better as and sometimes they don't put everything into the movie..

There is a song I want to share with you guys, called 我们都怕痛by Wilber Pan. I actually like the MV more as it bring meaning. This MV is actually for the series they were making called Endless Love. The MV is sort of a summary of the story. so, by actually watching the MV you can know what is the story like.

Okay... Thats all for now!!! Enjoy~~~

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