Sunday, December 19, 2010

Singapore- Day 3

Wohoo!!! Day 3 is gonna be awesome!!! Why? Because we went to Universal Studio!!!!

One word to describe!! F-U-N!!!!!!
 Luckily my cousin bought the ticket the other day ! Tickets for that day were all sold out!!!!

Oh my!!! There were lots of people there and it was hard to go for rides as you need to line up!!!

I love the Shrek 4D movie!!! There are some parts you need to be aware of because they might be something under your leg!! Fun and freezing inside!!!

The waterworld was fun too!!! All the BING BIAnG BONG BUNG!!!!!! AWESOME!!!hahahahaha

At night, we went to Carnivore to eat. It is a buffet style where the meat keeps coming and coming and coming ....non- stop!!!!

Not gonna talk much! Here are some picture to share!!!

 Waterworld performance ( If you don't want to get wet, sit at the back!!)

 Far Far Away!!!
Revenge of the Mummy 
 Souvenir shop
 New York
 Bottles from Universal Studio bought by my cousin!! Thank you!!!
 Its already 7pm and there is still many people inside..

OK...there is still day4 and day5...wait for my post!!!!

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