Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ipoh + Cameron Highland

Today I woke up around 5.40am to go Ipoh to pray my grandma and to go to Cameron Highland (1 day trip).
We left around 6.30am and reached there around 8 something to 9 in the morning. 
The first place we went is the market at Kampung Simme ( I think it is spelled like this?)
My mother bought some food, fruits and flowers that are needed for the prayers.

Sorry. The Pictures were blur because I was walking while taking them.
Then we head to have some breakfast at Taman Cannings.
The Chee Cheong Fan stall is quite popular over there and you have to , and it is definitely to line up to make your order, if not the boss will get angry. That's what I saw when my dad tries to order the Chee Cheong Fan from the boss when the boss told him to line up and his tone was so angry when he asked whether my dad wants a big or small plate (poor dad).
The Chee Cheong Fan sold there is quite simple (chilli with soya sauce and some fried shrimps and onions) with the price of RM2.50 (small) & RM3.00 (big).

After that we head over to the temple. At the temple I saw this lotus flower that is white in color. Nice and pure. That was what I thought at the first place. What do you think about it?

Before we leave for Cameron Highlands, we stopped over Ipoh Garden to buy some Pet food and stuffs for our dear dog Chloe.. She will be very happy when she sees all those stuffs we bought her^^ By the way, we bought Chloe when she was small in that shop too.
We saw many puppies that were for sale for adoption and I saw this whole cage of Rotweilers puppies. They were so cute (when they are puppies but not when they grow up)..hahaha
SO ... We went up Cameron Highlands and it started to rain.. What was more worse is we didn't have any umbrellas so we have no choice but to walk under the rain. 
Here are some Pics when we were going up to Cameron Highlands.

And.. we bought some things while we were up there. For examples, Sweet corns, sweet potatoes and flowers^^

and I have to say one thing while going up.
My father is too busy finding for "wild flowers" by the road sides that he almost get us into an accident TWICE and I almost got a HEART ATTACK.. I almost wanted to shout at him and say EYES ON THE ROAD PLEASE!!!!

Oh gosh.. I was scared to death!!

It was raining the whole trip in Cameron Highlands and all of us were freezing. Its like autumn in Malaysia ya know?
That cold!!
We went to a nursery on the way down from Brinchang and I took some photos there.
Ever seen Purple Bunga Raya??
Do you know there is a flower called the Gardenia (the bread's name)??
I didn't know until I saw them...><
When we went down from Tanah Rata to Tapah. The road is a bit "snakey" and there is a lot of turns.
We saw an accident involving a Bus and a car..
The bus managed to stay on the cliff and not plunge down (Thank Goodness for that).
As I was saying, it has been raining the whole journey and the road is so slippery. No wonder an accident like this could happen! Especially when you can't see what and how many cars are coming from a turn.
Here are some extra PICS to share~

That's all for now!
SO tired...

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