Friday, December 10, 2010

Shouldn't Have to be This way

Okay.. I saw the news..It has been everywhere.
Everybody is talking about it in their blogs..well..almost..
I am not going to talk about it "a lot" anymore as I think that guy already got enough scolding, advising, consoling ..

What I want to say is.. Which is to everyone:
There are many ways solving one problem.
Not every destination has only one route that leads to it..
Doesn't mean that you lost your very love one... You Die..
It shouldn't have to be this way..
Loving someone doesn't mean you have to owe him/her...
probably letting him/her go is a way of loving too...
but not dying..purposely..
You want to give her happiness??
This is not the way ok??

But.. to that person Alviss Kong: 
Just may your soul rest in peace..
Continue you journey in the other world..
Hope your next life will be better and you won't do something like this again..

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