Monday, December 20, 2010

Singapore- Day 4 & Day 5

Okay..So DAY 4

We woke up quite late that day because all of us was very tired after spending the whole day at Universal Studio

My mum decided to go to Bugis street so all of us including my cousin and her kids took MRT from Jurong point to Bugis! The MRT was fast but it took quite a long time to reach there!

We reached there around 12 pm and we went to the hawker stalls to have lunch!

After that, we went to a temple nearby to pray and we started shopping! Man, it is like Sungai Wang there. Things there are very cheap!!!!

My mum bought a handbag for $10 and 4 purses for $10 (actually is buy 3 free 1) ! It is worth the price!!!

I bought some clothes there too!!

We walked until 4pm something and my leg start to give way..I can't take it anymore...I have been walking and standing the whole day!! I guess I am weak..Even Darren starts complaining and wanting to go home. SO we decided to do so. But, before we went back. We stopped by at McDonalds to have a rest. I ordered the McFlurry while others odered ice-cream and drinks!!


It was Saturday! and we decided to pay my aunt and uncle a visit! After that, we went to Orchard Road. On the way there, we passed through Marina Bay and I saw the flyer!! But too bad didn't get to go up !!

 and the sky was dark. It is gonna rain heavily and I was right!! It did rain!!!
We went to Takashimaya at Orchard road where my cousin bought us some chocolates from Royce!! She told me that this shop's chocolate is very nice!! I have to believe her as 1 box of that chocolate cost around $15

and there, you can go to the ION, which is another shopping mall where can find all the branded goods such as PRADA, DIOR, BURBERRY, GUCCI and many more (you have to line up to enter the shop!!haha)

Nice experience though....haha

So, Day 5 was practically the last day in Singapore as we headed back to MALAYSIA the next day!!! I surely miss my cousins and their kids!!! Love them very much!!!

Dears, I will be back visiting you guys soon..Don't worry!!! Love ya~

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