Sunday, December 19, 2010

Singapore- Day 2

Sorry for the late blog post for my trip..The internet connection was slow at my cousin's house!

So..Day 2

The weather was nice that day!! The sky is blue in the morning and it is a perfect day for a walk outside!!

 My cousin took us to Jurong Point by sitting the double decker bus. It was fun sitting on the second floor of the bus and the front sit of it!! Nice view too!!

Actually it is very easy to get around Singapore using the public transportation. Bus stops are everywhere and MRT is almost everywhere too!!

So we ended up at Jurong Point to do some shopping and walking. The kids wanted to take us to decorate a cake so we followed them!!
Look what we did to our cake!! It was fun!!!! ahahahah...I wish Malaysia have one shop like this too!! It is so COOL!!!!!

Oh!! and the Christmas decoration was nice too!!! I love the angel!!!

During the night.. Oh GOsh!!! My cousin took us to a seafood restaurant!!!!

and all the seafood there were half price!!!!

I was fed with things like oyster, abalone, crabs, bamboo the end of the day....we all couldn't take it!!!!

SO much!!!!

Thats all for day 2!!!! 

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