Saturday, October 2, 2010

When the days passed by

Many days passed by...
When you look back? They are all just memories that take up your mind space!
Sometimes when you look back and saw what stupid things you have done,
You will feel so angry, so regret that you have done those things, and you felt useless!
What can you do? What is done is already done..
All that we can do right now is open your eyes and look forward..
Even thought those past may hunt you
But you can't do anything already.
You can forget it if you want, but it still teaches you a lesson.
So let's look forward.
There is so many beautiful things ahead of us! Isn't that right?
Try to live your life till the fullest!
I guess..that is the most important!

I guess my mum also knows that we can't go back to the past..
And she wanted to take some family portraits with us and her other sisters.
When I asked why, she said, " Old already ma...I want to have some memories"
I guess what she say is right..With those white hairs on her head..
I do think that it is time to take a family portrait..
I know my dad may reject that idea, and
I bet he will say, " Not enough money."
But I don't care
I will hold on to that idea till he agrees.

18 years has passed, mum.
Ya, time flies very fast.
I also don't even remember going through my infant years and as a kid till I was 6..
Sometimes we always wished that we could go back to the past to undo something or to live the moment again.
But if you have the chance, will you??

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