Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tired Wednesday

Today was a cold day. It is odd to say cold in Malaysia because of our originally "SUMMER" weather.

Everything was normal as usual. I woke up by the bang at the door by my dad at 5.54 am. I hate them waking me up because I can wake up on my own! I use the alarm in my phone with music, which is a healthier way then them banging at the door. It will give me a HEART ATTACK!!!

So...I went to the bathroom to get myself cleaned..with water that is cold in a cold morning. I wished the heater had more patience...I need HOT water! day just went by like that.

Class until 10 am, I went home, online, and a pig..

will update my blog another day^^

End for now!!!


  1. haha, my mum worst.
    She wakes me up usually by switching off my air-cond and open the door just like that.
    veryy hot sometimes and cant tahan anymore then i wake up.
    hehee..anyway, have a nice day=)!

  2. haha...luckily my house no air-cond..^^
    u too...have a nice day~