Sunday, October 31, 2010


I am not trying to scare you off...^^
Today is Halloween so.
Okay..I know I am being lame...

Happy Halloween ppl!!!

The past few days were a bit....messy
I have to finish that CRM assignment, which is a headache for all of us and of course, Fri was CommFest!!
It was AWESOME!!
Great job seniors!!!I love it!!!!

But that bad thing was....S***
I fell down on that day.. I know...
I posted it on Facebook and now here!!
The whole world knows now!
It hasn't heal yet..
I think is getting worse...
But I hope the pain will go away tomorrow!!!!
But matter how many times he told me not to drive
I still drive
sorry dear~

I have been quite lazy lately....
I am not that hardworking as before anymore..
There is a part inside me that tells me not to bother so much things but to live life till the simplest!!
Because..the more you think...
The more problems there will be!!

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